Artist / Title :
M.Parvez - War / Version
Mellow Baku - Another One Down / Version

Label : Scoops      Format : 10" single      Date : November 20, 2007
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Brand new vinyl release from Scoops Records and Vibronics, part of three limited edition 10" singles which contain efforts from six singers based in Leicester, Midlands UK, to celebrate the rich diversity of the city. The third release in the series features tunes from M.Parvez and Mellow Baku.

M.Parvez -- born in Birmingham UK, with his roots in Pakistan -- is also a mainstay of the Vibronics live show who has performed together with Vibronics in the UK, France, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland during 2007. M.Parvez, who also records under the moniker Dub Factory, has released several notable singles and the full length album "Revolution". "War" is his latest recording for Vibronics/Scoops Records and to be honest it ain't one of his best effort. The main problem is that he doesn't manage to find a nice flow over the riddim, which indeed isn't an easy one to handle.

On the flipside of this 10" single debuts Mellow Baku, a Leicester based female vocalist, new to the Scoops label. She utilizes a Jazz influenced style and also contributes rich harmonies, but even after we have given her tune several spins we can only conclude that she's a talented singer, but in the long run fails to make a real strong impression on this heavyweight riddim.

Teacher & Mr. T