Artist / Title :
Side A :
Tena Stelin - War Over Water
Tena Stelin - Animal Liberation
Tena Stelin - Time Traveller

Side B :
Tena Stelin - War Over Water Dub
Tena Stelin - Animal Liberation Dub
Tena Stelin - Time Traveller Dub

Label : White Label      Format : EP      Date : 03-12-2000
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Vocal cuts as well as their dub versions can be captured on this limited edition EP from fine reality singer Tena Stelin. This truly talented UK rootsman delivers three well produced conscious tunes worthwhile checking out. Each vocal track featured on this EP has a different mood, but the message of the serious Rastaman is always present. "War Over Water", delivered over an up-tempo riddim with a driving bassline, deals with today's environmental problems. A very hot topic regarding the recent floods in the UK and other parts of the world. Then the riddim slows down, however Tena Stelin's lyrical intentions do not change. In "Animal Liberation" Tena Stelin doesn't steer clear of expressing his opinion regarding another much discussed public topic. On the third track, "Time Traveller", the tempo slows down a bit further, however Tena Stelin's vocal and lyrical delivery continues to stay up to par. The dub side of this EP is a welcome addition and entertaining as well.

Teacher & Mr. T.