Charlie's Records
12" Vinyl / Digital Single
January 10, 2012

Artist & tune

  • Sylford Walker - White Collar Criminals / McPullish - Dub Of Correction
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Veteran roots singer Sylford Walker got his start in 1975 with the Joe Gibbs anthem "Burn Babylon" and then achieved fame when he teamed up with producer/musician Glen Brown, is back on track again with tunes he recorded in collaboration with Carlton McPullish. The latter is a young producer/musician/songwriter based in Buda, Texas, who has managed to create a distinctive sound for his production as can be heard on the 2008 released 'one riddim' cd "Back To Mount Zion" and other production works that then followed.

The 12" vinyl single (also digitally released) features a fresh new tune from Sylford Walker, backed by an extended dub version from McPullish. Sylford Walker's "White Collar Criminals" expresses the frustrations of the majority and those suffering in poverty, calling out white collar criminals who work behind the scenes, reminding us that business people in suits, unseen and hidden from the public, can be just as dangerous as a violent street criminal with a gun or machete. It's not only a great message tune, but also a very topical song in these times of political unrest and rampant corruption. The sparse skanking riddim with its heavy bass line comes to full expression in McPullish's wicked dubbed up version called "Dub Of Correction".

It's truly worthwhile to 'Occupy Your Stereo' with these well done release. So check it out!