Artist / Title : Junior Cat - Who A Go Save Dem Now
Label : Shitznitz Productionz      Format : 7" single      Date : 02-05-2004
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

After several years in obscurity the brand new tune "Who A Go Save Dem Now" marks the return of Junior Cat aka Di'Original Wild Apache Indian. The latter, by now a true veteran dancehall deejay, is the younger brother of the international superstar DJ Supercat. He was born in 1967 and grew up in the Western Kingston ghetto of Cockburn Pen. Before he became known as Junior Cat he deejayed under the name of Mr. Docs. He started deejaying at school concerts, local talent shows and on the street corners. Still Mr. Docs took his neighbourhood popularity in stride and began deejaying on the sound systems in his area such sounds as Soul Imperial and Crystal Blue, until he joined the mighty Killamanjaro in 1987. There he worked alongside Early B, Little Twitch, Puddy Roots and many other top dancehall stars who passed through. He recorded his debut single "Anarexol Body" for King Jammys in 1987, which rode a cut of the then ruling Punany rhythm. This tune hit the number 3 spot in the Jamaican charts and was followed over the next few years by a whole slew of big tunes. King Jammys produced further hits like "Can't Nyam Me Out", "Clappers And Bomb", "Curve", "Dead Man", "Deportee", "Figure", "Inna Me Gun Mouth", "Funeral Bag", "Original Dog Heart", "Killing Pussy", "Make A Living", "Nah Lef It Far", "Rougher Than Rough", "Sample", "Slick Rick", "Top Dog", "Who So Ever Will May Come" and "Wickedest Gun". He also released his debut album for King Jammys in 1992 and this led to him touring the USA, Canada, England, Japan and the Caribbean.
Junior Cat was at the forefront of the bad boy style that dominated the Jamaican dancehalls in the early 1990s. Besides King Jammys other producers also wanted a piece of the action and thus he voiced big tunes like "Come Through" and "No Crappers Boom" (for Junior Reid); "Draw Fi Mi Bible" (with Sluggy Ranks for Jah Life); "Gal Dem And Me" and "Twilight Zone" (for John John); "Make A Living" (for Donovan Germain); "Poor People Me Love" (for Skengdon) and "Woulda Let You Go" (for Bobby Digital). In 1994, Junior Cat migrated to the USA where he signed to Supercat's Wild Apache record label. He teamed up with Supercat, Nicodemus and Junior Demus to record the very successful album "The Good The Bad The Ugly and The Crazy". Big Junior Cat hits on Wild Apache Records included "D. J. Originator", "Scalp Dem", "Second Hand Don" and "Tell Them Stop It". At this current time Junior Cat is still very much active in the dancehall business. Not only as an artist but also as a producer for his own record label Mr. Maragh Music.
"Who A Go Save Dem Now" showcases Junior Cat's energetic voice and delivery over a decent dancehall riddim with an old-skool vibe. It's a typical "diss" tune in which Junior Cat fires his lyrical ammunition at contemporary artists such as Capleton, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Red Rat, Frisco Kid and Sean Paul. All in all a nice comeback tune that will put Junior Cat on the dancehall map once again.

Teacher & Mr. T.