Artist / Title :
Admiral Tibett - Why Should I Run / Version

Label : Silver Globe      Format : 7" single      Date : 15-12-2001
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Admiral Tibett is one of our favourite singers who has been overlooked by many reggae fans for far too long. Admiral Tibett, real name Kennell Allen, recorded his first single called "Too Many Violence" in 1982. However, the singer really started to gain recognition in Jamaica with his second single "Babylon War", which he recorded in 1985. During his almost two decades spanning recording career he has recorded for a variety of producers, most extensively with Bobby "Digital" Dixon. From the very first moment Admiral Tibett has sung conscious tunes, even when slackness and gun lyrics ruled the dancehalls he maintained the consciousness in his music. Here Admiral Tibett has teamed up with Canada-based Delroy "Silverado" Roberts, who produced and arranged "Why Should I Run". Although the riddim track is a rather mediocre one which, in the end, lacks real excitement, it's the singer's vocal and lyrical delivery that turn this piece into a solid effort.

Teacher & Mr. T.