Artist / Title :
Junior Murvin - Wise Man / Be Wise
Winston Fergus - Praise Him / Jamboree Dub

Label : Dubwise Productions      Format : 10" (UK)      Date : 07-05-1999
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Junior Murvin is probably best known for his international hit "Police And Thieves", a song that has been covered by artists as diverse as the Clash and Boy George. Some two decades after this anthem, which was followed by noteworthy tunes like "Cool Out Son", "Miss Kushie", "Bad Man Posse" and "Muggers In The Street", Junior Murvin proves that he's still capable of delivering a solid roots tune. Recorded at Native Studios in Port Antonio, Jamaica, and remixed by Gussie P in London with Hughie Isaachar on guitar and Martha on backing vocals Junior Murvin's uniquely pitched voice comes to full expression. His conscious lyrics are delivered across an appealing classical roots style riddim, which incorporates some nice drum rolls programmed by a man known as Puss. The riddim really rocks and comes to full effect in the dub version, which furthermore contains splashs of vocals.
Winston Fergus, also a veteran singer who had a hit in the seventies, can be captured on the flipside of this 10" single. His cultural piece "Praise Him" is a truly decent effort delivered across a laidback roots riddim - reminiscent of production work of Augustus Pablo - which suits his voice very well. The dub outing is a nice addition to Fergus' vocal cut.
All in all a quality release from London-based "Dubwise Productions", whose praiseworthy aim is to support and promote roots and dub music emerging from the U.K. and other parts of the world.

Teacher & Mr. T.