Artist / Title :
Sizzla - Woman of Africa
Firehouse Crew - Bruckings
Sizzla - Woman of Africa (Remix)
Firehouse Crew - Bruckings (Remix)

Label : Greensleeves Records      Format : 12"      Date : 28-03-1998
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There can now be little doubt that Sizzla is currently the most exciting artist in reggae music. Fired by his Rastafarian faith as conceptualized by his adherence to the late Prince Emmanuel Edwards' Bobo dread order he has in the last couple of years recorded literally dozens of essential and near essential tunes. In 1997 Sizzla recorded one of his finest tunes for the Firehouse Crew - "Like mountain" - and Woman of Africa is the decent follow up for Miller, Dennis & Crossdale, released by Greensleeves records as the official follow up single to Bobby 'Digital' Dixon produced "Black Woman And Child". Woman of Africa is another heartfelt plea of respect to all sistas. Very different from its predecessor for the Firehouse Crew this song is done across a "Kette Drum" style riddim, but Sizzla delivers a top-notch performance. This 12" single comes complete with remix and dubs. Ignore at your peril.

Teacher & Mr. T.