Gramps Productions
12" Vinyl Single
Npvember 9, 2012

Artist & tune

  • Zen Bow - Impression / Version / Zen Bow - Dub Mix
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A few years ago, the monthly publication, "Wax Poetics" devoted an issue to Reggae Musik. There was one article that really stood out. It made mention of a virtually unknown artist called Zen Bow. Upon further investigation and listening; this tune was MURDER! The only problem was that only a few copies were floating around Creation and were going for upwards of $600 for a good original. Finally, this Roots reality bomb has been relacquered and reissued. There is gold at the end of the rainbow.

Zen Bow (Zenbar Bennett) is from Trewanly, Jamaica and maintained a quiet youth until he entered talent contests that were put on by local heroes The Twinkle Brothers. In the early 1980's, he left Jamaica and relocated to Hartford, Connecticut, as thousands of Jamaicans did during this tumultuous period. Soon after, he joined the roots band, Crucial, before foraying into a solo career that consisted of exactly three singles. Impression was recorded in 1986 as a result of people's perception of Jamaicans and violence. One thousand copies of this song were put out. He self produced "Auction Block" and his final song was "Big, Black and Beautiful" for the legendary producer King Culture. Zen Bow then left the business and is now living in Atlanta with a promise of more works.

Plain and simple, Impression is arguably the HARDEST Roots tune to ever come outside of Jamaica. Zen Bow's singjay style is reminiscent of Patrick Andy and Eek-A-Mouse (without gimmicks). The lyrics and vocal style are nothing short of amazing. Recorded at the dawn of the Digital Age, this is a Simmons drum fueled riddim that is throughly intoxicating. The version and the extended Dub are special treats. Get this 12" by any means necessary. Zen Bow's Impression is an anthem that somehow got away. Take this opportunity to get a slice of Reggae ingenuity. Go deh!!