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"The Small Axe Guide To Dancehall 1979-1985"... by Ray Hurford.
"Simmer Down: The Early Wailers Story"... by John Masouri.
"The Small Axe Guide To Instrumentalists"... by Ray Hurford.
"More Axe 8 - Mud Cannot Settle Without Water"... by Ray Hurford & Tero Kaski.
"An Hard Man Fe Dead"... A graphic novel by Ray Hurford.
"Full Watts Book #2"... by Steve Milne.
"The Small Axe Guide To Bands & Vocal Groups"... by Ray Hurford.
"Rhythm Wise One & Two"... by Ray Hurford & Jean Scrivener.
"Objectif Sound ~ From Jamaica To The UK"... by Perinne Goyau.
"The Small Axe Guide To Producers"... by Ray Hurford.
"Full Watts Book #1"... by Steve Milne.
"More Axe 4"... by Ray Hurford.
"The Small Axe Guide To Rockers Part 1"... by Ray Hurford.
"The Life Of Peter Tosh: Steppin' Razor"... by John Masouri.
"More Axe 9 ~ Interviews From The Culture Reggae Archive"... by Jim Dooley.
"Reggae Going International 1967-1976 ~ The Bunny 'Striker' Lee Story"... by Noel Hawks & Jah Floyd.
"The Small Axe Guide To Roots 71-75"... by Ray Hurford.
"Keith Hudson: An Illustrated Discography"... by Vincent Ellis & Jean Scrivener.
"More Axe 3"... by Ray Hurford.
"Jimmy Cliff ~ An Unauthorised Biography"... by David Katz.
"Volcano Revisited ~ Kingston Dancehall Scene 1983"... by Tero Kaski & Pekka Vuorinen.
"The Legend Of Sugar Minott & Youth Promotion"... by Beth Lesser.
"The Small Axe Guide To Reggae 68-70"... by Ray Hurford.
"The Small Axe Guide To Dub"... by Jim Dooley.
"More Axe 2"... by Colin Moore & Ray Hurford.
"The Small Axe Guide To Rock Steady"... by Chuck Foster.
"The Small Axe Reggae Album Guide - Deejays"... by Ray Hurford & Joakim Kalcidis.
"De Rasta Revelatie"... by Jah Shakespear.
"Outernational ~ A Story About Trinity Sound System"... by Kalle Assbring & Nils Åkesson.
"The Book Of Exodus"... by Vivien Goldman.
"Dancehall Explosion - Reggae Music Into The Next Millennium"... by Henrik Bæk & Hans Hedegård
"My Reggae Journey - Music's Rough, Tough Road"... by Roydale Anderson.
"Young, Gifted And Black"... by Michael De Koningh & Laurence Cane-Honeysett.
"Solid Foundation : An Oral History Of Reggae"... by David Katz.
"King Jammy's"... by Beth Lesser.
"Reggae Inna Dance Hall Style"... by Tero Kaski & Pekka Vuorinen.
"Itations of Jamaica & I Rastafari"... A three volume Trinity / Trilogy by Mihlawhdh Faristzaddi.
"Reggae & Caribbean Music"... by Dave Thompson.
Recommended Reggae Readings of Mags & Books!
"Reggae - The Rough Guide"... by Steve Barrow & Peter Dalton
"The Guinness Who's Who Of Reggae"... by Colin Larkin