Live at Reggae Rising
Anthony B
January 12, 2010

Label Natural VIP
Format DVD - Region Free
Languages English/Patois
Subtitles English
Length Approx. 60 minutes
Director Luke Archer
At the beginning of his career in the mid-nineties Bobo artist Anthony B and producer Richard "Bello" Bell of Star Trail fame formed a very strong combination which led to the release of much acclaimed albums like "Real Revolutionary" (aka "So Many Things"), "Universal Struggle", and "Seven Seals". In the early years of the new millennium the militant chanter left the Star Trail camp, due to a dispute with Richard Bell about not receiving the revenue from the music he recorded for him. In a recent interview with Jah Rebel he stated : "I was with Star Trail for over ten years and I never received a publishing cheque until I joined the Music Publishing Society in 2003!" and "The only thing I asked for was 50%, but 'Bello' didn't want to hear nothing, so although I respect him still, that really disappointed me."

After leaving Star Trail he linked up with various producers and besides recording the usual roots pieces, he also started voicing far more hardcore dancehall riddims which also employed bashment stars like Beenie Man, Zebra and Mega Banton. During that period his album releases (and also his 7" singles) were of varying quality to say the least, and it was obvious that his star was in danger of slipping. That changed when he started to collaborate with Maximum Sounds' producer Frenchie with whom he recorded the 2004 released solid album "Powers Of Creation". The latter gave a good glimpse of what both artist and producer were capable of in terms of bringing quality reggae music to the masses. Under the watchful guidance of Frenchie, Anthony B then definitely returned to form with "Black Star" (2005), which was followed by the matching "Higher Meditation" set (2007). In 2009 he gave us the album "Rise Up", an album that outmatches the previous albums he did for Frenchie, and that's no sinecure as they maintained a good quality level throughout.

In 2002 Anthony B released a 30-track double-cd, called "Live On the Battlefield". At the same time France based record company "Next Music" also issued Anthony B's "Live On the Battlefield" on DVD. It's a decent registration of the militant deejay/chanter's live performance at Le Bikini in Toulouse, France on 10th July 2001.

On "Anthony B - Live at Reggae Rising" the Bobo dread presents a truly fine performance at the 1st Annual Reggae Rising Music Festival in Humboldt County, California. This live performance is woven together with exclusive interview footage, which happens to give the DVD extra value for money. It helps to understand the lyrical content of his songs. It's a good thing that the interview parts are subtitled (English hardcoded) for most of us have a hard time understanding Patois.

This excellent energy-driven nighttime performance is set on the legendary California Redwood Forest, and was captured using 8 HD cameras, and 48 tracks of audio - which have been remastered into Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. The result is top quality video & audio performance.

The man's energy and truthful conscious vibe is still there! He jumps, shouts and sings on the stage as if he's unstoppable. The red, gold and green flags are seriously present on stage as well, underlining the conscious vibe of the artist. Here are the songs he performs :
  1. Hurt Mi Heart
  2. God Above Everything
  3. Fire Pon Rome
  4. Row Mr. Fisherman
  5. Trigger Happy Cowboys
  6. Good Cop
  7. Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
  8. Smoke Weed Every Day
  9. Higher Meditation
  10. Water Pumpee
  11. Tease Her
  12. Raid Di Barn
  13. In Time of Trouble