Wanted (Live)
Barrington Levy
February 6, 2006

Label 2B1 Multimedia Inc.
Format DVD - Region Free + Audio CD
Languages English
Subtitles None
Length 60 minutes (approx.)
Producer/Director Boots & Dusty Hughston for 2B1 Multimedia Inc.
Barrington Levy is one of reggae's greatest voices. With his unique, soulful voice he dominated reggae in the late seventies and most part of the eighties. Barrington Levy was one of the first singers to disturb the dominance of dancehall dj's when he emerged in 1981 with the successful single "Collie Weed," and the originality of his music guaranteed him a place on the charts throughout the decade, when so many other artists were struggling.

Now a classic performer of roots reggae, Levy remains an incomparable, inspiring voice. On this dvd he entertains an appreciative crowd -- which sings along with every tune Barrington Levy performs -- at San Francisco's Maritime Hall, documented here from three different camera angles. He brings an impressive string of hits -- including boom tunes such as "Under Mi Sensi", "She's Mine", "Murderer", "Here I Come" and his version of Bob Andy's "Too Experienced" -- and it's nice to see that the singer and the musicians really enjoy the show! The solid backing band (Detour Posse based out in LA), which includes two guitarists, does an excellent job. It's obvious they are well qualified musicians who know how to play the riddims as they have regularly toured with Barrington Levy. As with most 2B1 dvd's the video quality is not really up to dvd quality standard, it rather seems you're watching a VHS tape.

Included in this package is an audio cd of the concert, featuring an hip-hop remix of "Under Mi Sensi".

These are the songs included on this dvd :

  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Teach the youths
  • 3. Mandela free
  • 4. Under mi sensi
  • 5. She's mine
  • 6. Be Strong
  • 7. Too experienced
  • 8. Murderer
  • 9. Love of jah
  • 10. Work
  • 11. Prison oval rock
  • 12. Vice versa love
  • 13. Black roses
  • 14. Here I come
  • 15. Loving you