Live In San Francisco
February 9, 2005

Label 2B1 Multimedia Inc.
Format DVD - Region Free + Audio CD
Languages English
Subtitles None
Length Approx. 68 minutes
Producer/Director Boots & Dusty Hughston for 2B1 Multimedia Inc.
Clifton Bailey, born 13 April 1967, Islington, St. Mary, Jamaica earned his future stage name by virtue of his sharp reasoning skills, which led his friends to name him after a lawyer in his home town. By 1994, Capleton's work for the African Star label had led to him being regarded as one of the most innovative cultural DJs of his generation. "Number One (On The Good Look Chart)" on Jah Life first caught the attention of the dancehall audience in 1990 and was Capleton's debut hit. Capleton Gold was released in 1991 and compiled many of his recordings for various producers, including Philip "Fatis" Burrell ("Bumbo Red"/"Bible Fi Dem"), King Jammy ("The Red"), Roof International ("Dem No Like Me"), Peterkins ("We No Lotion Man") and Black Scorpio ("Ghetto Youth"/"Somebody"). In the same year he sang on half an album for Gussie P ("Double Trouble"), combined with Johnny Osbourne on "Special Guest" on Outernational, released several tracks for African Star and duetted on "Young, Fresh And Green" with Bobby Zarro. He visited the UK with Pan Head in December amid controversy over a shooting at a London venue. He also recorded "Dance Can't Done" for the Brixton-based label, Jungle Rock.

On his return to Jamaica, Capleton began recording for Burrell's Exterminator label. "Almshouse" (1992) was a rallying cry for unification through music and demonstrated that Capleton could address social and cultural topics with the same perceptiveness as his characteristic "slackness". In a successful year, he released an album for Burrell and had hits with "F.C.T.", "Matey A Dead", "Make Hay" and "Unno Hear". In 1993, he maintained his profile with the singles "Everybody Needs Somebody", "Mankind" for Colin Fat, "Good Love", "Stampede" for Mad House, "Cold Blooded Murderer" for Black Scorpio and the rabid "Buggering" for African Star. He also recorded combinations with Brian And Tony Gold and Nadine Sutherland, and worked with Gussie Clarke. In the USA, a hip-hop mix of the smash hit "Tour" prompted Def Jam Records to sign him for the remarkable "Prophecy". The album "I-Testament" saw Capleton at the peak of his powers.

In recent years his dominance in reggae dancehall has grown to iconic levels as can be witnessed by his numerous hit singles and the rave reviews of his awesome "More Fire" album and the equally enjoyable album "Still Blazing" which he released in 2002. In the two years since his last album, Capleton, (a.k.a. 'King', 'King Shango', 'Fire Man', 'Dada', 'Prophet', and even 'Almighty') has mounted a strong track record on the Jamaican charts. It was observed recently, that there are three artists ruling Jamaica’s airwaves Elephant Man, Vybz Kartel and Capleton. With hits like "Fire Time" across the "Mad Instruments" riddim, "In Her Heart" riding the "Chrome" riddim and "Blazing Hot" that comes on the "Red Alert" riddim the 'Fire Man' has made his presence felt.

This full length package includes a DVD and a CD recorded live in San Francisco. The DVD is the latest release of 2B1 Records out of San Francisco. Earlier releases included Don Carlos, Beenie Man, Yellow Man, Luciano, Lady Saw and Lee Perry. It features 26 tracks (see below for tracklisting) and the cd offers an bonus track, the Hip Hop Remix of Stay Far. The DVD captures the ever energetic Capleton with his electrifying live performance at the legendary Maritime Hall in San Francisco. After the usual entrance, he opens with his most popular tune Jah Jah City inna fireburnin' style, letting the crowd sing out all the lyrics while he jumps across the stage. From here Capleton keeps up the pace, with only a few slowdowns throughout the concert. The crowd loves it and Capleton can't do wrong. The band and Capleton are in good shape, performing with smiles on their faces, enjoying the excellent atmosphere in San Francisco. Great vibez here! A must buy for Capleton fans and others who are not familiar with this great singer/deejay.

The DVD features 3 camera video shoot, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and PCM Stereo, discography and 2B1 complete poster catalog.

These are the songs included on this dvd :

  1. Intro
  2. Jah Jah City
  3. Cu-Yah
  4. More Fire
  5. Who Dem
  6. Hunt You
  7. Good In Her Clothes
  8. Can't Sleep At Night
  9. Heathen Reign
  10. Dis Tha Trinity
  11. Mystic In The Clouds
  12. It Was Written
  13. Tour
  14. More Prophet
  15. Universal/Stay Far
  16. High Grade
  17. Critics
  18. Danger Zone
  19. Stand Tall
  20. Who I Am
  21. Can't Hold We Down
  22. Sadam & Gamora
  23. Hands Off
  24. Crazy Look
  25. Gimme Di Woman
  26. So Much Woman
There's even more here : besides the DVD there's also a full length CD included, with the concert & a bonus track, the Hip Hop Remix of Stay Far.