Classic Jamaiacan Flava (Live)
The Wailing Souls
May 28, 2006

Label 2B1 Multimedia Inc.
Format DVD - Region Free + Audio CD
Languages English
Subtitles None
Length 80 minutes (approx.)
Producer/Director Boots & Dusty Hughston for 2B1 Multimedia Inc.
The Wailing Souls may never have been as popular as The Wailers, Black Uhuru or Culture, to name but a few, but they certainly outlived a lot of them. The career of the band begins with Winston "Pipe" Matthews in the early sixties when he, under the guidance of Joe Higgs, recorded some tunes for Prince Buster. After recruiting Lloyd "Bread" McDonald and George "Buddy" Haye the trio -- as The Renegades -- recorded some of their best work at Studio One for Coxsone Dodd. In 1968, Haye departed, in his place came two new singers, Oswald Downer and Norman Davis and they changed their named to The Wailing Souls. They stayed with Dodd untill 1970 when they moved to the Tuff Gong label.

They cut some interesting sides for the label but in 1974 Davis and Downer both departed, with former Renegade Hayes and former vocal teacher Higgs taking their place. Higgs' stay was short-lived. In his stead came founding Black Uhuru member Rudolph "Garth" Dennis. The new band teamed up with producer JoJo Hookim at the Channel One studio, and backed by Sly & Robbie's Revolutionaries proceeded to cut classic song after classic song. In 1977 they formed their own Massive label. Soon their real debut album 'Wild Suspense' was released. More excellent albums followed: 'Firehouse Rock', 'Inchpinchers' and 'Wailing'. Although they released several decent albums in the 80's and 90's, the music styles changed and the Wailing Souls focused on touring around the globe.

This DVD offers a selection of songs of which most of them are drawn from their output of the 90's, although we're treated to some nice interpretations of classics such as 'Firehouse Rock', 'Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall' and 'Things and Time'. The set ends with an interpretation of 'Na Na Hey', a tune which isn't our cup of tea, especially for such artists as The Wailing Sould who can draw from a huge archive of excellent self-penned tunes.

Just like previous 2B1 Multimedia Inc. dvd releases, the video quality is not really dvd quality, it looks more like you're watching a vhs tape. Included is an audio cd of the concert, featuring a remix of "Bandits".

Here below are the songs included on the dvd :
  • Things & Time
  • Jah Give Us Life
  • You Ain't Leaving
  • No Big Thing
  • Bandits
  • Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall
  • Mother & Child Reunion
  • Lady You Don't Know
  • Diamonds & Pearls
  • Fire House Rock
  • Love Her Madly
  • War Down At The Pawn Shop
  • Picky Picky Head
  • Shark Attack
  • Na Na Hey