Live In Africa
November 10, 2002

Label RAS Records/CRS
Format DVD - Region Free
Languages English
Subtitles None
Length Approx. 68 minutes
Producer/Director Unknown
The DVD captures Culture on December 15th when a crowd of 10,000 witnessed the upfull vibes and powerful spirit of Joseph Hill c.s. as they delivered a string of awesome Culture tunes. Although Culture had performed in many African countries before, this would be the first time in South Africa.

The initial vocal trio Culture was formed by lead vocalist Joseph Hill and harmony singers Albert "Randolph" Walker and Kenneth Paley. Joseph Hill had already recorded the sublime "Behold The Land" (included on this live album as well) for Coxsone Dodd's Studio One imprint in 1972. Their 1977 released "Two Sevens Clash" set is their most celebrated album to date. After this release the trio entered an extremely prolific period in their career, recording excellent albums and 12" singles. The original Culture line-up split up in 1982, and since Joseph Hill - as a solo performer or with additional backing vocalists, but always using the name Culture - has enjoyed considerable success with a string of quality roots albums.

Culture released 'Good Things' on RAS Records in 1989, with the inclusion of four dub tracks. Their relationship saw full fruition with their 1996 release 'One Stone' and the dub accompaniment 'Stoned'. With well over a dozen weeks on the CMJ New World chart, reaching the number one spot for reggae albums in England, and the release of their music videos 'Addis Ababa' and 'Riverside', it was clear that there was no stopping them. Next, Culture released the phenomenal 'Trust Me' to rave reviews throughout the world, and followed up soon afterwards with the live Culture album, 'Cultural Livity: Live Culture ’98', an album which gives a very warm memory to those familiar with their high-energy performances. With quality releases such as 'Payday' and the VP release 'Humble African' Joseph Hill stays right on top. The current line-up includes Kenneth Dayes’ replacement Talford Nelson joining Albert Walker on backing vocals, while Joseph Hill continues to shine on the lead.

The DVD shows that Joseph Hill has lost nothing of his energy when he delivers the tunes that made him famous. Thirty years in the business has made him a living legend who still arouses excitement wherever he performs. In South Africa Culture has always been extremely popular, due to traditional style of reggae the band has been performing for years and the charismatic person of Joseph Hill. The tunes performed here give you an excellent overview of the band's history. The first half of the show concentrates on the recent Culture releases, but in the second half of the show Joseph Hill delivers some of his strongest tunes from the 70s, and the DVD closes with an extended version of Two 7's Clash. The band must have been inspired by the righteous vibes coming from the audience, as an eyewitness stated that he had never seen before that people were jamming together as one like this.
Check it out...good vibes and good music plenty ! Tunes :
  1. I Tried
  2. Pay Day
  3. Addis Ababba
  4. Tribal war
  5. Won't Somebody
  6. Ganja Time
  7. Legalisation
  8. Revolution
  9. Disobedient Children
  10. Down In Jamaica
  11. Money Girl
  12. Rally Round
  13. Trust Me
  14. Jah Jah See Them A Come
  15. Jah Rastafari
  16. International Herb
  17. Get Ready
  18. Never Get Weary Yet
  19. Too Long In Slavery
  20. Two 7's Clash
The DVD includes two bonus videos : Addis Ababab and Riverside. Furthermore the disc includes a small Culture biography and a (RAS Records) discography with sound samples.