Direct From Jamaica
Elephant Man
April 22, 2005

Label 2B1 Multimedia Inc.
Format DVD - Region Free + Audio CD
Languages English
Subtitles None
Length Approx. 62 minutes
Producer/Director Boots & Dusty Hughston for 2B1 Multimedia Inc.
The boisterous and eccentric dancehall deejay Elephant Man (aka Energy God) was born O'Neil Bryan in 1974. Overly large ears as a child earned him the nickname "Dumbo Elephant" from his classmates in the Seaview Gardens area of Kingston, Jamaica. Shabba Ranks and Bounty Killer were Seaview residents at the time, and with King Jammy's studio not so far away, Elephant Man had an early exposure to dancehall culture. While singing at the gates of Ranks and Jammy's studios, Bounty Killer heard him and suggested forming a group with other Seaview teens. The group was originally called the Seaview Family, but after Bounty Killer had a massive hit with "Big Guns Scare Dem", the name changed to Scare Dem Crew. Scare Dem Crew only released one album but played multiple festivals around Jamaica, giving Elephant Man a chance to refine his on-stage persona. Dancehall night at 1998's Reggae Sumfest was a highlight, with Elephant Man climbing up a television camera crane and delivering his energetic rhymes high above the audience.

Even before he left the Scare Dem Crew to fully embark on his solo career, he was already releasing strong singles as a solo artist. These went back as far as 1995's "Father God Name" for King Jammy's and "War, War, War, War" for Trevor "Uncle T" James. Subsequent dancehall hits included the Bobby Digital produced "One & More" and "War Ship" over Dean Fraser and Bongo Herman's version of the classic "Drum Song" riddim. These early recordings brought to mind the phrasing and tone of Bounty Killer and Super Cat. Elephant Man's time came at the start of the new millennium. Since 2000 he enjoyed nothing less than total dancehall dominance, riding all the hottest riddims around and scoring hit after hit.

Performing live - backed by a Soundsystem - in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Elephant Man plays two sets featuring mostly songs from his debut album "Coming 4 You" including "Replacement Killer", "Mama", "Out Of Order", "Watchie Pum", "Headache" and "Truth Hurts". Filmed partly in 2003 on the artist's birthday, and also as part of the Reggae Trails television program, "Direct From Jamaica", this is a dual disc release gathering audio material with related visual content, including interviews with the artist. The images and sound of this DVD are of real good quality. Set 2 is the most entertaining part. Backed by the Travelling Star Soundsystem Elephant Man makes a decent impression in front of an enthousiastic reacting audience. Here you can witness the indispensable interaction between fans and artist, more or less lacking in the first set. Because both performances were filmed for tv, Elephant Man was obviously limited in his stage performance, so don't expect to see him running into the crowd and climbing up crane or other constructions. In all, a decent DVD for all Elephant Man fans and dancehall followers in general.

The DVD features Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and PCM Stereo, biography and 2B1 complete poster catalog.

These are the songs included on this dvd :

    Set 1 : B-Day
  1. Intro
  2. Replacement Killer
  3. Watchie Pum
  4. Out Of Order
  5. Watchie Pum
  6. I More Start A War
  7. Truth Hurts

  8. Set 2 : Reggae Trails
  9. Replacement Killer
  10. Watchie Pum
  11. Out Of Order
  12. Truth Hurts
  13. Free Style
  14. Badman
  15. E-l-e-p-h-a-nt
  16. Mama
  17. Watchie Pum
  18. Headache
  19. Nuh Behave