Essential Reggae
December 6, 2007

Label MVDVisual / Reggae Stars Entertainment
Format DVD - Region Free
Languages English
Subtitles None
Length 73 minutes (approx.)
Producer/Director Unknown
'Essential Reggae' is a nice dvd featuring the legendary Gregory Isaacs, Trinity, Ruddy Thomas, & Paul Elliot backed by Lloyd Parks & We The People band live at Moss Camp in Kingston, Jamaica in 2002 and hosted by Richie Stephens.

First on is Gregory Isaacs aka The Cool Ruler. He was born 1951, Kingston, Jamaica, and has produced during an almost four decade career a trailer load of reggae classics. His effective combination of cultural songs and soul-wailing love songs was irresistible. He easily adapted the new digital style of the mid 80s, and his popularity further increased with consistent albums for King Jammy, King Tubby and Gussie Clarke. Although his voice isn't what it used to be, he still knows how to deliver his tunes. He goes through some of his greatest hits (Number One, Tune In, Soon Forward, Love Overdue) and works the stage with perfection as usual. The audience loves every bit of his performance, and they show their approval.

Paul Elliot is the only new artist here. He's born and raised in Watherhouse, a ghetto area in Western Kingston JA - and is an outstanding talent whose powerful, expressive vocals and growing catalogue of committed roots and reality songs have drawn attention in recent years. Here he makes a good impression with his dynamic and expressive performance Excellent job!

Ruddy Thomas, born July 12, 1951, was one of Jamaica's premiere entertainers working as a singer, songwriter, producer and studio engineer. He scored hits including 'Key To the World', 'Let's Make A Baby' and gave the Hawkeye label its first number one hit in 1981 with 'Just One Moment Away', a song which topped the British charts. He also recorded duets with J.C. Lodge, Marcia Akins, Pam Hall and the late Cynthia Schloss. On Monday, June 12, 2006 he collapsed on stage while performing as part of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Popular Song Contest show in Portland. It was later discovered that Thomas had died of a heart attack. The memorable performance he gives her includes the tunes Loving Pauper and Every Day Is Just A Holiday.

Finally veteran deejay Trinity comes on stage. Born 1954, Kingston JA, real name Wade Everal Brammer - started his recording career in the mid-seventies when his friend Dillinger took him to the Channel One Studio where he recorded the immediate successful "Step Up Yourself." During the second half of the seventies he established himself as one of the best cultural deejays and his immense popularity even increased further with the release of the Joe Gibb's produced single Three Piece Suit which he performs in fine manner on stage. During his performance Ruddy enters the stage once more for the vocal part of Loving Pauper, while Trinity does the deejay version of that tune, called Judgement Time a massive hit for the both of them in the late 1970s.

Nice one!