Live (The Cologne Session 2003)
Gentleman And The Far East Band
October 24, 2003

Label Four Music-Columbia
Format DVD - Region 2
Languages English / German
Subtitles None
Length Approx. 180 minutes
Producer/Director Paul Hauptmann
Besides treating his fans and the reggae massive to a 23-track double-cd, "Four Music-Columbia" has also issued a DVD of Gentleman And The Far East Band's "Live (The Cologne Session 2003)". After years of hard work, both in studios and on stages, Gentleman has managed to become a reggae star in Germany, and also internationally he's more and more attracting attention from reggae followers who finally have recognized the man's musical talents.

From the start of his musical career Gentleman has toured extensively, first doing guest appearances with FK Squad, then as a solo performer with the Killing Riddim Section and since his breakthrough album "Journey To Jah" with the Far East Band. After the release of "Journey To Jah" Gentleman went on an almost nonstop tour across Germany and some other European countries. This tour lasted 18 months and brought him to many soldout venues. For all those who attended one (or even several) of the shows and even for those who were unfortunate to have missed it for whatever reason, this DVD will be a welcome encore.

First of all there's a registration of a concert Gentleman did in his home town Cologne in April 2003. The show, which is filmed from different angles, provides a good impression of a Gentleman performance. It's obvious that he truly enjoys performing in front of an audience. From the very first moment he takes the stage one witnesses that there's a positive vibe and throughout the show he often seeks interaction with the crowd. But there is much more to enjoy on this DVD. Also included here are lyrics of the tunes from the concert, a discography, a very personal written diary, a rare video footage, backstage movie and four additional videoclips from the singles "Runaway", "Dem Gone", "Leave Us Alone" and "Rainy Days". However one of the most interesting additional features is "The Journey", in which Gentleman tells about the making of the "Journey Of Jah" album. Here we are introduced to well known Jamaican artists and producers including Bobby Digital, Black Scorpio, Morgan Heritage, Jack Radics, Luciano, Bounty Killer, Junior Kelly and Capleton to name a few.

All in all this DVD is a great release. The quality of the sound and images is first class and you get real good value for money!

These are the songs from the live performance :
  1. Intro
  2. Fire A Go Bun Dem (Short)
  3. Ina Different Time featuring Daddy Rings
  4. Love Chant
  5. Man A Rise
  6. Jah Jah Never Fail
  7. Danger Zone
  8. Daddy Rings : Check Dis
  9. What She Deserves
  10. Children Of Tomorrow
  11. Dem Gone
  12. Tamika & Mamadee : Good Days
  13. Rainy Days featuring Martin Jondo & Tamika
  14. Daddy Rings : Call Me On The Telephone
  15. Runaway
  16. Matthias The Dread : Stranded
  17. Politition Bwoy
  18. AllStars : Sunshine
  19. Fire A Go Bun Dem
  20. Leave Us Alone

  21. Bonus :
  22. See Dem Coming
  23. Jah Ina Yuh Life