Heartland Reggae
May 30, 2001

Label Palm Beach Entertainment
Format DVD - Region Free
Languages English
Subtitles None
Length Approx. 90 minutes
Producer/Director Jim Lewis
Heartland Reggae (also known as 'One Love Peace Concert') is a documentary about the 'One Love Peace Concert' which was arranged by Bob Marley and his Wailers and was held in Kingston on April 2, 1978; the twelfth anniversary to Haile Selassie's visit to Jamaica. In those days the political and social situation Jamaica was one of violence, gang wars and the number of murders climbed into the hundreds. Prime Minister, Michael manley and opposition leader Edward Seaga refused to meet. Towards the end of the documentary the two rivals are brought forward on stage by Bob Marley and when they join hands the crowd goes wild, chanting Selassie's name as Bob Marley sings 'Jah Live'. More sizzling Bob Marley footage includes Trenchtown Rock, War, Jamming and the powerful Natty Dread.

After Jacob Miller's performance of Peace Treaty comes a young Dennis Brown. His performance is one of the highlights of the documentary as he does Whip Dem Jah, complete with a dub version. The late great Peter Tosh is featured here with four songs : African, Legalize It, Get Up Stand Up and 400 Years. The performances of Jacob 'Killer' Miller and Inner Circle are fascinating examples of the man's qualities, the intensity of his show is overwhelming as he does I'm Rasta and Tired Fe Lick Weed. Daddy U Roy appears in a special guest appearance delivering I'm A Rebel.

Although the technical quality of the documentary is mediocre and some of the scenes (Junior Tucker as a Michael Jackson look-a-like and Althea and Donna with Uptown Ranking) should have been replaced by more Bob Marley scenes, the historical relevance is beyond dispute and the musical performances are a treat for all reggae fans.