Live & Jammin'
Israel Vibration
October 31, 2003

Label Nocturne-Munich
Format DVD - Region 2
Languages English
Subtitles None
Length Approx. 120 minutes
Producer/Director Unknown
Israel Vibration, originally a trio but after the departure of Albert "Apple" Craig at the end of the nineties a duo consisting of Lascelle "Wiss" Bulgin and Cecil "Skelly" Spence, is one of the roots vocal groups that have influenced the face of roots reggae music in the second half of the seventies and throughout the eighties.

In the nineties Israel Vibration were no longer on the cutting edge of reggae music, mainly because the group's musical concept became more and more outdated. However, even though musically sticking to their tried an trusted "old skool" roots reggae and being a duo now, the group continues to release albums and still performs in front of enthousiastic reacting audiences, as can be witnessed on this registration of a live performance from this year's French Tour, which brought them to the "EXO 7" in Rouen, France, on 11th February 2003.

As always Israel Vibration is backed by the Roots Radics Band, here consisting of Ronald Butler (guitar), Errol Moore (guitar), Macasea Bey (drums), and long-time members Flabba Holt (bass) and Tee-Bird (keyboards). On this DVD Roots Radics Band acts as a tight, but far from enthousiastic band, that seemingly fails to keep their own fire burning after having played the tunes over and over again. The same goes for Skelly and Wiss. Both vocalists do their thing but it's obvious that they are relying on their experience. Only Skelly and band leader Flabba Holt now and then show some kind of enthousiasm when Israel Vibration & The Roots Radics Band work their way through a set list that contains some of their classics as well as tunes from their "Fighting Soldiers" album.

Furthermore included on this DVD are over 40 minutes of bonus including credits for the band members and two footages called "Inna France" and "Inna USA". The latter takes you to Brooklyn NY and features topics such as fishing place, ferry to Staten Island, Cypress Hills Houses, cookin' at home, and an acappella version of a small part from "The Same Song", while "Inna France" provides images of the group's arrival at Roissy Airport, a photos session, a rehearsal session at Hocco Studio, backstage in Elysée Montmartre, Paris, and visiting Barbes Market in Paris. Sound and images are of good quality.

Although probably not one of Israel Vibration's best DVD's out so far, it's definitely an enjoyable purchase for their devoted fans.

These are the songs from the live performance :
  1. Rockfort Rock
  2. African Unification
  3. Racial Discrimination
  4. Jammin'
  5. Vultures
  6. Level Every Angel
  7. Ball Of Fire
  8. Get Up 'N Go
  9. Why Worry
  10. Never Gonna Hurt You
  11. Cool And Calm
  12. Jah Runnings
  13. Feelin' Irie
  14. Licks & Kicks
  15. The Same Song
  16. Red Eyes