Live In Europe 2003
Morgan Heritage
November 11, 2003

Label HeartBeat Europe / CRS
Format DVD - Region Free
Languages English
Subtitles None
Length 190 minutes
Producer/Director Mojo Morgan & Bert Pijpers
Ever since they emerged on the international reggae scene, Morgan Heritage have been one of the most popular acts among reggae fans all over the world. No wonder: the talent of the 5 Morgan siblings seems unlimited and as they have been influenced by the best in American and Jamaican music, their eclectic, yet pure and authentic reggae grooves are among the most exciting music to hit international stages.

With the release of "More Teachings" and "Three in One" the band also began to gain profile outside the hardcore reggae community and by playing (and winning over huge audiences) at the Paleo Festival in Nyon (Switzerland), the Pinkpop and Parkpop Festivals in Holland and the Roskilde Festival (Denmark) alongside their "normal" appearances at big reggae festivals, Morgan Heritage have proved that they can cross over to a wide rock audience without losing sight of their roots. The year 2003 in particular saw Morgan Heritage as vibrating as ever and many European festivals, venues or other stages were taken by storm.

This DVD brings you a fine registration of one of their best shows ever: at the Amsterdam Paradiso on July 25, 2003. As a second main feature there is a special "Three in One Mix" with recordings from 3 different performances, all mixed by Mr Mojo into a very entertaining show. Additional bonuses are exclusive interviews with all five members of the band, "on the road" footage from the personal vaults of Morgan Heritage and a music video of Jump Around.

The Morgan Heritage Family - Peter, Una, Gramps, Lukes and Mojo Morgan plus Andrew Simpson on guitar, Joseph Miller who plays the drums and Hopeton Hibbert on bass - were in particularly good shape when they did their show in Paradiso in Amsterdam on July 25th, 2003. Great roots reggae music, enthousiastic performance and a perfect audience. The show was recorded using several cameras, which were operated by well trained cameramen, who seemingly possessed a 'reggae' vibe for the result is really to the point. During this performance the band stays true to the classic roots reggae sound - from the excellent riddim section to the beautiful harmonizing - without appearing dated or too predictable. The only thing we dislike is the 'sing-along' part, but that is a part of a show we always dislike, so...

Here's the list of the songs they did in Paradiso :
  1. Paradiso Trailer
  2. Intro/Don't Haffi Dread
  3. Live Up
  4. Ready To Work
  5. Liberation
  6. What We Need Is Love
  7. Helping Hand
  8. More Teachings
  9. Maskal Square
  10. Nice Up U Medi
  11. Falling Race
  12. She's Still Loving Me
  13. Down By The River
  14. Reggae Bring Back Love
  15. Everything Is Still Everything
Next comes an interesting "Three In One Mix", recorded at Parkpop in The Hague, The Netherlands on June 26th, on the Italian Paleo Festival of July 24th and Paradiso in Amsterdam. Although you will hear several songs also featured on the Paradiso part, the mix offers a nice mixture of music and 'on the road' footage. Here too the visual part leaves nothing to desire, but for the musical part we would prefer the Paradise part. These are the tunes featured in the "Three In One Mix":
  1. Three in One Trailer
  2. Intro/Don't Haffi Dread (Parkpop)
  3. Live Up (Parkpop)
  4. Liberation (Parkpop)
  5. What We Need Is Love (Paradiso)
  6. Helping Hand (Paradiso)
  7. More Teachings (Paradiso/Parkpop)
  8. The Truth (Paradiso)
  9. Nice Up Your Medi (Paradiso/ Parkpop)
  10. Falling Race (Paradiso/ Parkpop)
  11. Jump Around (Paleo Festival)
  12. Down By The River (Paradiso)
  13. Reggae Bring Back Love (Paradiso)
  14. Everything Is Still Everything (Paleo Festival)
Also included on the DVD is the music video Jump Around, a song which is definitely aimed at the US and European pop market and is drawn from their latest album "Three In One". To complete the musical part there's a complete discography of the band. The interviews are really interesting. They provide us with information about the musical backgrounds of the members and the way Jamaican an US influences shaped their music. Furthermore they tell about their father and the way how the Morgan Heritage business is run.

The market for reggae videos is getting flooded with inferior DVD's, mostly ripoffs of cheap dancehall videos or audience recorded shows, but this one belongs to the best we've ever seen, offering professional top notch quality music and video...a MUST HAVE!