Live In San Francisco
Morgan Heritage
June 26 - 2006

Label 2B1 Multimedia Inc.
Format DVD - Region Free + Audio CD
Languages English
Subtitles None
Length 60 minutes (approx.)
Producer/Director Boots & Dusty Hughston for 2B1 Multimedia Inc.
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Ever since they emerged on the international reggae scene, Morgan Heritage have been one of the most popular acts among reggae fans all over the world. No wonder: the talent of the 5 Morgan siblings seems unlimited and as they have been influenced by the best in American and Jamaican music, their eclectic, yet pure and authentic reggae grooves are among the most exciting music to hit international stages.
A show of the Morgan family is more than just performing music, it is a spiritual and positive experience. They are on a mission spreading their Rastafarian message of peace, love and unity to their audiences all around the world. Here at the Maritime Hall in San Francisco they deliver a good performance including several highlights such as the awesome "Liberation", with Mr. Mojo and Laza stepping forward to deliver their part in fine style. Morgan Heritage ends their very enjoyable and entertaining show with well known tunes "Don't Haffi Dread" and "Reggae Bring Back Love". The latter is performed inna kind of sing-a-long style, too bad for such an excellent tune. There's no indication of the date this show was recorded, but most likely it dates back to 1999.
As with most 2B1 dvd's the video quality is not really dvd quality, actually the quality of this concert footage is consistently miserable and underexposed, but the audio is okay. Seemingly the motto of this company is: "Never mind the film quality, it's all about the sound!"
Included as a bonus is an audio cd of the concert, featuring a hip-hop remix of "Liberation".

Check out the strong setlist here below :

  1. Intro
  2. Earthquake
  3. Talking Bout War
  4. Troddin Jah Road
  5. Ready To Work
  6. #1 Bingi Man
  7. Live Up
  8. Protect Us Jah
  9. New Time New Sign
  10. Big Up San Francisco
  11. Liberation
  12. Don't Haffi Dread
  13. Reggae Bring Back Love