Riddim Soundclash 2004 ~ The Big Showdown
Supersonic, One Love Hi Pawa, Sound Trooper, Freddy Krueger
March 17, 2005

Label Piranha Digital
Format DVD - Region 0
Languages English
Subtitles None
Length Approx. 220 minutes
Producer/Director Christian Heims
This DVD documents the 2nd edition of the Riddim Soundclash on Friday October 15th, 2004, organized by the excellent German reggae and dancehall magazine. After last year's convincing entrance in the arena with a line-up of Killamanjaro feat. Freddy Krueger, Black Kat (without Panther though), NYC foundation sound Downbeat the Ruler and surprise of the evening Stuttgart's everlasting sound Sentinel that almost upset Jaro, resulting in a very nice DVD that was released as a goodie for the riddim-subscribers, this year featured both ex-Jaro wartankers Ricky Trooper and Freddy Krueger, and from Italy the heroes of the NYC World Clash the week before One Love Hi Pawa and Germany's own Supersonic from Berlin in Munich's Muffathalle.
The DVD featuring multi camera video shoot and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround starts with hosting German dancehall don Dr. Ring-Ding taking the stage dressed like a don, and explaining the rules:

first round: 15minutes introduction - no elimination
second round: 15minutes elimination round - 1st sound out
third round: 15minutes elimination round - 2nd sound out
dub fi dub: 10 tunes each, strictly dubplates and no playback.

For a rundown of the clash visit the impression on these pages, but let me tell you, this is one of the best Clash-DVDs available. Although the audio has been out since late October 2004, the DVD beats it for offering an extremely crisp sound, and some great camerawork with the crane camera adding extra spice to the overall thousand times better than those handycam shot Clash-DVDs quality.

To each his own, but now you can check whether I was right that this was a clear victory for Supersonic after a nice dub fi dub, with chances to win for both, and great tunes from both sounds, but better speech from Spider. It remained close, and three rounds of voting, forwards, hands raised with forwards, and lights turned on to count just hands, had Dr. Ring-Ding declaring another failure in the dub fi dub for One Love Hi Pawa, and a well deserved victory for Supersonic on home soil, but not thanks to home soil. Next year will hopefully bring another edition of the Riddim Soundclash with as much good music, a better soundquality, no plastic cups thrown on stage, and again showcasing the world the great future of soundclash in Europe. Till then!