2 Strong
Sizzla & Anthony B
Star Trail

Track list
  1. Sizzla - Food Of Thought
  2. Anthony B - Damage (Remix)
  3. Sizzla - Lovely Life
  4. Anthony B - The Joy
  5. Sizzla - Do Some Good
  6. Anthony B - Shining Light
  7. Sizzla - Holding Firm
  8. Anthony B - Higher Heights
  9. Sizzla - Live Yu Live
  10. Anthony B - Watch Out
  11. Sizzla - Wanting You
  12. Anthony B - Musical Fire
  13. Sizzla - Haunted & Nervous
  14. Anthony B - Praise The Man
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
In the early nineties "gun talk" and "slackness" delivered across digital ragga riddims were dominating the Dancehall and cultural sentiments had become thin on the ground. However, artists like the late great Garnett Silk, Tony Rebel and Prezident Brown emerged and spearheaded a movement that wanted to return to consciousness and uplifting music. Their efforts were not in vain as we could witness in the second half of the nineties when cultural themes became a strong inspiration and actually started to rule the Dancehall due in part to the efforts of two of the most profound newcomers that reggae music has had the pleasure to encounter namely the Tamika Award Winning "New Artist Of The Year 1997" Anthony B and Sizzla, the most anticipated new artist to hit the scene in years.
Now Richard Bell's "Star Trail" imprint - a record label that has established itself a name when it comes to culture-oriented reggae music - surprises and excites us with two of reggae's most prominent firebrands toe to toe on one CD featuring some of their finest recent sides for Bello's label. Producer Richard Bell has done a good job as he brings out the best in these ace artists' deliveries, who both delight with their entertaining yet enlightening messages delivered across decent and appealing riddims that were laid by such fine musicians like Mafia & Fluxy, Firehouse Crew, Sly Dunbar, Donald Dennis and Jazzwad. Standout tracks within a solid album are Sizzla's Food For Thought and Lovely Life as well as Anthony B's Shining Light and Higher Heights.
"2 Strong" is a feast for all roots fans and strongly recommended !