Third World
Tabou1-Walboomers Music
2 CD
15 - 04 - 2001

Track list

    "Disc 1"

  1. Reggae Ambassadors
  2. Sense Of Purpose
  3. Clown In A Circus
  4. Try Jah Love
  5. Dem Man Deh
  6. Satta Massa Gana
  7. Do Do Do Da Da Da
  8. Committed
  9. Reggae Party
  10. Now That We Found Love
  11. Cello Reggae
  12. 1865 (96 Degrees In The Shade)

    "Disc 2"

  13. Always Around
  14. Give A Little Something
  15. Satta Massa Gana
  16. Make Believe
  17. World Of Uncertainty
  18. Conversation
  19. Medley
  20. African Woman
  21. Melt With Everyone
  22. Forbidden Love
  23. Now That We Found Love
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4
In 1973 a teenaged guitarist, cellist and singer named Stephen ‘Cat’ Coore - then with the Inner Circle Band - left the safety of the ‘Circle’ to pursue this dream. ‘Cat’ and a fellow musician from another band, Colin Leslie, conceived and launched the band Third World. Soon they were joined by Michael ‘Ibo’ Cooper on keyboards and vocals, and recruited bassist, Richie Daley, drummer Carl Barovier, Irvin ‘Carrot’ Jarrett on percussion and on lead vocals, Milton ‘Prilly’ Hamilton. 'Third World', their debut album in 1976, featured the hypnotic "Satta Amasa Gana". It was closely followed in 1977 by the legendary album, "96 Degrees In The Shade"- released to rave reviews in Europe and the UK . This album also heralded the arrival of new drummer, Willie Stewart and of soulful new lead singer, William ‘Bunny Rugs’ Clark (another ex-Inner Circle member). Their next album, "Journey To Addis" (1978), spawned the worldwide Top Ten hit “Now That We Found Love” (a disco-reggae remake of an O’Jays tune). In 1979 this commercial pattern was furthered by the album "The Story's Been Told", with tracks like 'Talk To Me', 'Irie Ites' and the sweet, swaying 'Always Around'. At the dawn of a new decade, Third World (a.k.a. ‘Worl’ers) released not one but two new projects: their final album with Island, "Arise In Harmony’ and also music on the Island soundtrack for the film, "Prisoner In The Street".
Albums released during the eighties were "Rock The World" ,"Sense of Purpose" and "Hold On To Love". Punctuating 20 years as a group, Third World expressed it’s dedication with the album "Comitted" (1993). The songs reaffirmed their roots like the ska-sound of "Give The People What They Need" and stretched their limits to incorporate computerized dancehall, dj grooves and also reggae-fied hip-hop in tunes such as "Riddim Haffe Rule", "Committed" and "Mi Legal". In 1997 came the departure of founding member Michael ‘Ibo’ Cooper, and of drummer Willie Stewart, who decided to take their musical development down different avenues. This void, however, was readily filled by three young musicians: Bent, who has assumed the roles of guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist and kete drummer; Leroy ‘Baarbe’ Romans, on keyboards, flute, and vocals; and ex-Jimmy Cliff drummer, Tony ‘Ruption’ Williams.
The French reggae label Tabou1 has released this current double cd, featuring the Third World Band performing for enthousiastic crowds as they deliver their greatest hits. The band has always been famous for their energetic performances and their combination of roots reggae, soul, disco, lovers rock and dancehall has meant a lot for the acceptation of reggae music all over the world. With worldwide crossover hits like Now That We Found Love and Try Jah Love they have bridged the gap between reggae and rock music.
The music found on both discs is solid as rock, quality reggae music, brought to you by a professional bunch of artists who know how to do their thing in front of thousands of enthousiastic fans. The tunes are well known and loved Third World songs and anyone who isn't familiar with their music should get this album. For all the other reggae fans this album is a fine addition to their 'live' albums collection.