4 Rebels
Luciano, Anthony B, Yami Bolo & Sizzla
VP Records-Walboomers Music
27 - 12 - 2001

Track list
  1. Luciano - Blessing
  2. Luciano - Moving Out Ah Babylon
  3. Luciano - Black Man King
  4. Anthony B - More Love
  5. Anthony B - Yard & Broad
  6. Anthony B feat. Robert Ffrench - My Story
  7. Yami Bolo - Conqueror
  8. Yami Bolo - Cool It Down
  9. Yami Bolo - Hotta Fire
  10. Sizzla - Thou Shall Not Kill
  11. Sizzla - Legendary
  12. Sizzla - Have Your Own
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Three in a row from the cultural artists Luciano, Anthony B, Yami Bolo and Sizzla can be found on "4 Rebels", a solid compilation set which - with the exception of the Sizzla pieces - features tracks produced by artist/producer Robert Ffrench. Sizzla's "Thou Shall Not Kill" was recorded for producer Bobby Digital, which is followed by two co-productions. First Robert Ffrench's co-production with Donald Dixon, "Legendary", actually a tune with some questionable lyrics, and then "Have Your Own" which sees Robert Ffrench sharing the production credits with Paul Daley. Regarding the Sizzla tracks one has to conclude that they are not appropriate for this set when compared to the efforts of the other artists. Luciano, Anthony B and Yami Bolo deliver solid to excellent modern roots pieces underpinned by wicked rootsy backdrops laid by the renown Firehouse Crew, while Sizzla's efforts are rather mediocre tunes, delivered over more dancehall-oriented riddims.
"4 Rebels" kick off with "The Messenjah" Luciano, whose "Blessing" (across a wicked roots riddim strangely entitled "Stud Buster"), "Moving Out Ah Babylon" and "Black Man King" are all strong cultural efforts, delivered in the singer's well-known style. Especially the brilliant "Moving Out Ah Babylon" proves a real killer, with the epic roots tune "Black Man King" being just as good. All Anthony B tracks are taken from his satisfying "More Love" album. "More Love" and "Yard & Broad" are entertaining solid tracks, but the one that shouldn't be overlooked is the awesome combination tune with Robert Ffrench entitled "My Story". Reggae veteran Yami Bolo started his career as a youngster with Sugar Minott and his Youth Promotion organization and his main goal has always been performing cultural reggae and getting it out worldwide. Here he continues to do so. Yami Bolo delivers three great cultural pieces, fully displaying his vocal and lyrical abilities. Very enjoyable modern roots music with the awesome "Hotta Fire" being our favourite piece.
All in all "4 Rebels" contains enough notable tunes to satisfy the avid fan of conscious reggae music.