Bridge Over Troubled Dreams
Atili Bandelero featuring Prendy
Echo Productions / Brigante Records
CD / Digital Release
April 25, 2016

Track list
  1. Tomorrow
  2. Longtime
  3. Sunday feat. Tenah Bones
  4. Dry Your Tears
  5. Dub Twice
  6. Keep Me Up
  7. Flute Of Tomorrow feat. Art-X
  8. Dubtime feat. Ondubground
  9. Got To Go
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Although he has produced and released about thirty mixtapes and six albums, including the recent "Night Life" album from Jamaican deejay veteran Joseph Cotton, and "Closed Circuit", which featured many collaborations, we never had French producer and beatmaker Atili Bandalero on our radar. That's the way things sometimes go, but thanks to the good people of Echo Productions from France, Yannush Piotrowski aka Atili Bandalero (brother of Biga Ranx, the French Reggae/Hip Hop artist from Tours, France) isn't an unknown name to us anymore.

For "Bridge Over Troubled Dreams" (what a great imaginative title), Atili Bandalero - a reggae and bass music lover who writes, mixes, remixes and composes constantly - teamed up with a young French vocalist from Aix-en-Provence named Prendy. The latter, together with London based Holly Cook, collaborated with Biga Ranx on a track called "Bossman", which appeared on the 2015 released "Nightbird" album. Preceding the release of "Bridge Over Troubled Dreams", "Tomorrow" (already included on the 2014 released "Closed Circuit" compilation) and "Got To Go" were released as singles and they not only got airplay in France, but also were prime examples of what one could expect from the forthcoming album.

Atili Bandalero's digital sound style has been attracting notable attention for quite some years. Here he cleverly combines his love of reggae and dub influences with pop, electro, hip hop and jazz, which works so well that it keeps you engaged throughout. The mesmerizing riddims he has created not only turn out to be the perfect vehicle for Prendy's laid-back singing (in English), but also are a real treat for the listener's eardrums. The album opens with the beautiful single "Tomorrow", a song with lyrics to match... "Tomorrow was a good day in my last dream this morning." It's followed by the lovers tune "Longtime", which makes a good impression. It's the first track of this album that has Tours-based Paul Smith aka Art-X adding his real nice melodica play. Towards the end there's a wicked dub version called "Dubtime", which is done by Paul Smith's brother Olo who works under the alias Ondubground. Riddimwise "Sunday" is the kind of tune that let's you dream away, but listen to the lyrics and you are kept wide awake in your dream. Art-X's melodica is present again on the moving "Dry Your Tears", which is followed by the dubstep vibes of "Dub Twice" and the decent "Keep Me Up". Then Art-X brings in his dubby melodica vibes on the slow-paced instrumental "Flute Of Tomorrow", before the poppy "Got To Go" let's all the goods of this album come to an end.

All in all a smooth and moody album with some great songs to enjoy!