Memories Volume 2
Anthony B
Born Fire Music
Digital Release
September 9, 2012

Memories, Vol. 2 - Anthony B Track list
  1. Black Survivor
  2. Good Cop and Bad Cop
  3. Fed Up
  4. Cold Feet
  5. Wine and Roses
  6. Raid the Barn (Live At Reggae On the River)
  7. Police
  8. So Many Things
  9. Rastaman She Love
  10. Mama
  11. Too Much Guns In Town
  12. Reggae Move All Over (Bonus Track)
  13. Fire Fire Fire (Bonus Track)
  14. Member Only (Bonus Track)
  15. True Rastaman
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4
In 1996 Anthony B scored an enormous hit with his controversial 7" single "Fire Pon Rome" on Richard 'Bello' Bell's Star Trail label, despite being banned from the Jamaican airwaves. It not only struck a chord with many on the Island and beyond, but it also started the entire 'More Fire' vogue in reggae lyrics. "Fire Pon Rome" was followed by equally hard-hitting 7" singles on the Star Trail label and a couple of excellent albums including "Real Revolutionary", "Universal Struggle" and "Seven Seals".

More than a decade after his first successful single release, the 'Original Fireman' is still a strong force in the reggae arena, still spitting fire lyrics to confront political injustices and bringing the issues of the people to the forefront. "Memories Volume 2" has been compiled by Anthony B himself for his own Born Fire Music imprint. The tunes gathered here are taken from various periods in his music career and apart from the bonus track "Fire Fire Fire" are underpinned by reworkings of vintage riddims as well as fresh reggae riddims.

The 2001 released single "Black Survivor" on Massive B's "Dub Organizer" riddim kicks off this compilation in great style. This is Anthony B at his very best. It is followed by another highlight from his extensive catalog, "Good Cop, Bad Cop". The latter deals with police injustice and is one of his most popular, yet controversial tune. With this song he shines a light on some of the unfair and illegal behaviors inflicted on the people of his island Jamaica. And with "Police" there's even another song included here that sees Anthony B speaking for the people about the same subject. Other highlights are the Bobby Digital produced "Fed Up" on the "Johnny Too Bad" riddim, and the 2011 released "Too Much Guns In Town" across the "Think Twice" riddim. Furthermore it's a joy to listen to great tunes of his highly acclaimed debut album, the moving "Cold Feet" and "So Many Things". Also "Raid Di Barn" was featured on that album, but instead of the studio recording we get a 'live' version, which is a somewhat odd choice.

In all this is a good compilation, and the inclusion of a few bonus tracks makes it also interesting for the loyal Anthony B fan to check it!