A Brighter Day Is Coming
Anthony Que
Sir Blackwax Vision Records

Track list
  1. They Dont Know
  2. Who Gonna Feel The Pain
  3. Burn Babylon Burn
  4. Bloody Revolution
  5. A Brighter Day Is Coming
  6. Come Gimme Your Love
  7. You Are My Angel
  8. Nah Give Up
  9. Teach Them With Love
  10. Jah Is My Light
  11. Pretty Eyes
  12. Lazy Day
  13. We Live, We Die
  14. Lion Of Judah
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
With singles such as "Spreading Jah Love", "Lonely Children Cry", "So Many Years Of Pain" and his breakthrough tune in the UK called "No More Crying", Anthony Que has gradually been building a name for himself. Probably the best thing he's had his name on so far was his recent single release "Burn Babylon Burn". Especially the latter alerted reggae connoisseurs to his talents as a singer in the Jah Cure style, but Anthony Que's performance is definitely more than mere imitation. His debut album entitled "A Brighter Day Is Coming" reveals him to be a singer and songwriter of great potential, who proves that he's equally at home on roots as showcased on "Bloody Revolution", "Jah Is My Light" and "Nah Give Up" or ballads like for example "You Are My Angel" and "Come Gimme Your Love". Anthony Que's inspiration comes from everyday happenings, both in the world at large and his own personal circumstances. Some times Anthony can just hear a track and catch a vibe, and before anyone can move, he's put down a complete song in one take. Other times he sees something around him, and then goes home and writes down the lyrics for the next studio session.
"A Brighter Day Is Coming" has something for the roots crew, reggae crew, lovers crew, and of course the princesses. The album opens with "They Don't Know", a solid tune performed over a great "happy" riddim track. It's simply an introduction to Anthony Que, and where he is coming from. Next drops the wonderful "Who Gonna Feel The Pain", some more teachings from this wise young man, showing how from doing wickedness, you will receive the pain, not your victims. A very hard message to get across these days to the youth. The single "Burn Babylon Burn" is a great effort, one of the standout tracks included on this album. The lyrical content carries a very strong message from Que's heart, straight to the oppressors. Give a man a chance ! or burn !. The matching cut "Bloody Revolution" is cast from the same mould as "Burn Babylon Burn", and very much backs up the story, and telling what really could happen if the oppression doesn't stop. Anthony Que is a typical talented artist just breaking through, and for all those that have done it or tried, they will know it is one big struggle. Anthony wrote "A Brighter Day Is Coming" with that in mind, and is saying, no matter what you have to go through, there is a brighter day ahead, when all your struggles will be worth something. A tune worth of hearing. Dedicated to the ladies are the nice lovers tunes, "Come Gimme Your Love" and "You Are My Angel", both delivered in fine style.
Now we get down to the inspirational part of the album. The solid "Nah Give Up" is simply Que saying he isn't going to give up! "Teach Them With Love" and the outstanding "Jah Is My Light", are both from the singer's spiritual side, having his singing foundations in the church from childhood. Teach them everything, but just try a bit of love for a change, and trust in Jah to guide everyone through life. The very enjoyable "Pretty Eyes is again dedicated to all the princesses, just saying that he always appreciates a pair of pretty eyes looking at him! "Lazy Day" was literally inspired by just such a day! Que's manager couldn't get hold of him, his friends couldn't raise him, he just closed down and took the day off ! A beautiful track that perfectly expresses the mood of a "lazy day". Another highlight is "We Live, We Die", actually a simple message of, you don't know what is going to happen in your life, except that you live, then you die, so you may as well get on with it and live life to the full. The album ends with his vocal showcased accapella on "Lion Of Judah". The Lion Of Judah is to bless Anthony Que's album with Jah's almighty benediction. Jah Rastafari.
"A Brighter Day Is Coming" is a solid debut set from a much promising, versatile artist, ready to take his place in the forefront of reggae music.
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