Turn Up The Amplifier
Hammerbass Records
October 24, 2013

Track list
  1. Ready For War feat. Malone Rootikal
  2. Turn Up The Amplifier feat. Macky Banton
  3. Get You Down feat. Omar Perry
  4. Guiding Star feat. King General
  5. Earthrocker
  6. Addicted To Music feat. Green Cross
  7. Nightfall feat. Matic Horns
  8. Man Free feat. Marcus Gad
  9. Guidance & Protection
  10. Rootikal Warriors feat. Dr. B
  11. Don't Ha Fe Dread feat. Zion I
  12. Conscious Spirit feat. Heartical Theos
  13. Mandela
  14. Bangladesh Dub ODG Remix
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4
Ackboo is a young French producer who has already built a solid reputation in the international dub scene, which is constantly changing. He calls himself 'proponent of a powerful electro-dub rhythm'. In 2009 he released his first vinyl single on the UK label Roots Youths entitled "Bangladesh dub". This proved to be a huge success that did not go unnoticed by dubheads around the world. He began touring Europe and made a solid impression especially during major reggae-dub events such as the Rototom Festival in Spain and the Outlook festival in Croatia. These experiences led to the production of his debut album "Turn Up The Amplifier" that is released on the French Hammerbass Records.

Here’s the program you can expect: heavyweight basslines, devastating, relentless rhythmic and original voices. Ackboo knows his roots, but is not afraid to incorporate dubstep, techno and oriental influences. The album includes a fine dubstep remix of his first single entitled Bangladesh Dub ODG Remix. The set gives us 6 instrumental dub workouts and 8 vocal cuts by mostly unknown artists. Not all tunes are killer pieces, but there are enough noteworthy outings to check out.

The album opens with a very strong tune called Ready For War. Toulouse based French dub/reggae artist Malone Rootikal sings about the war against injustice and troubles. Very impressive tune, brought inna militant stylee! You'll get treated to very familiar sounds on Get You Down! The riddim comes from Ini Kamoze's 'World A Music' while Omar Pery (son of...) is responsible for the vocal part. Great tune! Henry 'Buttons' Tenyue, the heavy horns section Matic Horns out of the UK, gives his best on Nightfall, while Macky Banton from the Jah Tubby's sound spices up the title track.

All in all a satisfying 'heavy' debut set out of France.