A Day In The Life
Beres Hammond
Harmony House/VP Records

Track list
  1. It's Not Official
  2. Life
  3. Always Be There
  4. Sorry Mi Brethren
  5. Two Sweet Love Affair
  6. Let's Face It
  7. Can You Play Some More
  8. Nothing's Gonna Change
  9. All I Need
  10. There You Go
  11. This Love Featuring Chevelle Franklin
  12. What About Joy
  13. I'd Give Anything
    Dedicated to the memory of Carlton "Crub" Mesam
  14. Victory
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Two years have gone since the release of Beres' latest album "Love from a distance". Now here's the brandnew album by one of the world's finest singers/songwriters. Since the early nineties Beres proved his position in the dancehall with fine releases for top labels like Penthouse, Xterminator, Star Trail, Fat Eyes and his own Harmony House imprint, delivering superb songs sung with his beautiful soulful, groggy voice. When you're a fan of Beres Hammond this album won't disappoint you because it is solid as gold. Only two tracks have been released on single before and the rest is fresh. Those two are the Donovan Germain produced Always be there on the lovely Penthouse version of the Mighty Diamonds' classic "Right Time" and the dancehall flavoured Can you play some more on a revitalized version of the Wailing Souls' "Back Out/Tings & Time" riddim. Another classic riddim has been used for the combination song This love with Chevelle Franklin produced by Beres' road engineer and Mixing Lab star Colin "Bulby" York and his Fat Eyes associate Lynford "Fatta" Marshall. They took Studio One's "Heavy Rock" riddim for this track, the same cut they used to voice Culture's "Poor people hungry". "Bulby" and "Fatta" also produced It's not official, a track with Sly Dunbar on "live" drums to create an early eighties feel. Except Donovan Germain and "Bulby" & "Fatta" there is another guest producer on this album, newcomer Bobby Nickson. He produced the R 'N' B track Nothing's gonna change and the ballad All I need. The rest of the tracks have been produced by Beres himself with riddims by Sly & Robbie, Gumption Band, Firehouse Crew, Dean Fraser, Nambo Robinson, Robbie Lyn and Dwight Pickney amongst others. Very catchy is What about joy. A very touching track is I'd give anything, a song dedicated to the memory of Carlton Messam. He was the bass player of Beres' road band Gumption and was brutally murdered a couple of months ago nearby his home in Spanish Town after returning from a studio session. Beres delivers an album that can be played any day in your life
Review courtesy of Danny 'Pepperseed' Bouten.