Meet King Tubby In Dub
African Brothers
Nature Sounds
October 8, 2005

Track list
  1. Original Dub
  2. Warlord Dub
  3. Shock Dem Dub
  4. Awesome Dub
  5. Dub On Fire
  6. Amanda Dub
  7. Party Dub
  8. Issachar Dub
  9. Dick Head Dub
  10. Unity Dub
  11. Teach Them Dub
  12. Bonus Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 4 Production : 3 Sound quality : 2/3 Sleeve : 3
After last year's release of Earl 'Chinna' Smith's "Dub It!" -- the 'lost' dub version of Mutabaruka's classic reggae LP "Check It!" --, the Nature Sounds record label surprises the fans of classic dub once again with an album that includes never before heard dub versions of classics from the original African Brothers. Releases of this impressive vocal-harmony group, which comprised Lincoln 'Sugar' Minott, Winston 'Tony Tuff' Morris and Derrick 'Eric Bubbles' Howard, have always been much anticipated by avid fans of classic reggae as they've recorded some of the best Reggae music put out in the seventies. Also featured on this release are the works of another great name in Reggae, dub pioneer and remix godfather Osbourne Ruddick, known far and wide as King Tubby. The latter discovered dub while working as a disc cutter for reggae producer Duke Reid and it's beyond doubt that his innovative studio work was highly influential across many genres of modern music. Most likely the tracks included here are the version-sides of 7" singles. This set starts off well with "Original Dub", the dub version of "Lead Us Heavenly Father", followed by more dub extravaganza including highlights such as "Warlord Dub", with its heavyweight bass, "Dick Head Dub" ("Hold Tight"), "Teach Them Dub" ("Practice What You Preach") and "Amanda Dub", which drops with some vocal bits left in the mix. Remarkable is the inclusion of two identical dubs of "Party Night" with different titles, "Party Dub" and "Unity Dub". The minusses of this release are the cut off of a few tracks like e.g. "Issachar Dub" and "Bonus Dub" -- it sounds like there has been taken only a part of the dub -- and the fact that some tracks have inferior sound quality due to being mastered from 'bad condition' vinyl. Not really essential stuff, but a nice release for King Tubby and African Brothers completists.