Lutan Fyah
2B1 Multimedia Inc.
January 2, 2009

Lutan Fyah Track list
Disc 1
  1. Never Once
  2. Rasta Set The Trend feat. Morgan Heritage
  3. What A Woe
  4. End Of Days
  5. St. Jago De La Vega
  6. Save The Juvenile
  7. Mek It So Hard
  8. Pretty Woman
  9. No Matter What The Crisis feat. Midnite
  10. Move Out feat. Natural Black & Turbulence
  11. A Dat Mi See
  12. Africa
  13. Mightier Than Them
  14. Slowly But Surely
  15. Gun Ting feat. Inner Circle
Disc 2
  1. Season Of Love
  2. Too Much Suffering Kids
  3. Is This The Way
  4. Be Real
  5. Outta Line
  6. Dem Still A Search
  7. Trodding Alone
  8. Rising feat. Chezidek
  9. She's Got Soul
  10. Up In Your Face
  11. It's All In You
  12. Watch Over Me
  13. I Love Everything About You
  14. Red Alert
  15. Set The Children Free
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Every artist has to build up his musical career steadily through live performances and album releases, so hardly any artist is able to deliver a fully satisfying and very consistent album at the beginning of his career. Lutan Fyah is no exception to the rule. The football player-turned-artist from Thompson Pen in Spanish Town was first featured on the 2002 issued "World Crisis" album -- done in combination with Rastafarian compatriot Anthony B -- for which he contributed six songs. The album wasn't that good and thus disappeared into obscurity. He then teamed up with German producer Andreas 'Brotherman' Christopherson which led to the release of his first full length album, "Dem Nuh Know Demself", in November 2003. Through this set Lutan Fyah gained good attention and it made him do his first major European tour.

Also in the US, in particular at the West Coast, he started to make several appearances and signed an album deal with Lustre Kings. The California-based production camp and record label released his sophomore album, "Time And Place", in February 2004. It was a well received solid collection of tunes that give a good glimpse of Lutan Fyah's extraordinary talent and branded him as the 'Musical Chanter for Issues, Causes and Awareness'. His musical messages started to spread even wider abroad, developing into a rapid rush. Greensleeves took interest in the artist and on May 1, 2004 they released his next album, "Phantom War". The latter was a thoroughly good effort and thanks to its broad appeal this set became very successful in Europe.

Accompanied by Earl "Chinna" Smith on guitar, Robbie Shakespeare and Chris Meredith on bass, Sly Dunbar on drums and Dean Fraser on sax to mame only five great musicians, and and featuring mixing works by the great Cedric "Soljie" Hamilton, Lutan Fyah then recorded the "Healthy Lifestyle" album for Phillip "Fatis" Burrell's Xterminator label. This strong, well balanced album did very well and (together with "Panthom War") propelled Lutan Fyah's career. Fast-forward a year after his Xterminator release, Lutan Fyah teamed up with In The Streetz producer Byron Murray which led to the release of a next album in 2007 on the UK based Cou$ins label entitled "Bring You Blessings". The latter was another worthwhile album release, and without doubt made his reputation grow even further.

And now the prolific Lutan Fyah delivers the double disc set "Africa", a powerful collection of songs (with himself as the Executive Producer), which clearly shows that he is one of the most consistent of the Bobo artists currently out there. Vocally Lutan Fyah has grown throughout the years which has made him a versatile singer with a great deal of vocal control. However the real strength of this artist lies in the fact that he's a skillful lyricist. When it comes to upful encouragement, conscious reasonings or even matters of the heart he always has nuff things to say and thus hardly ever delivers a tune with flawed lyrics.

This "Africa" set has a consistently high standard and contains many of his best recordings including arguably his two most popular songs, the big Jamaican hits "St. Jago De La Vega" and "Save The Juvenile" on Real Lyfe's "Foundation" riddim. The thirty tracks gathered here include previously released 7" singles alongside some newer efforts that haven't been heard before. Besides his own productions this album also contains tunes produced by Anthony Senior (Al.Ta.Fa.An), Sly & Robbie, Kevin Blake (Iceberg), Danger Zone, Lustre Kings, Jam2, Itation Records, Deeboz Muzik, Star Trail and others.

Several times we have listened to the material on these two dics, and it's striking to conclude that there's no filler to be found. The quality of the tracks ranges from solid to excellent, which makes this entire set truly worth of hearing. The album opener, "Never Once" over Thrilla Music's "Deep Love" riddim, is a real fine starter with lyrics that need careful listening. It's followed be quite a few outstanding efforts including the combination with Morgan Heritage "Rasta Set The Trend" across the awesome "Sledge" riddim, the powerful "What A Woe", and the killer "End Of Days". Most reggae fans will know "St. Jago De La Vega" and "Save The Juvenile", both big tunes in their own right. Next are two nice tunes, the single "Mek It So Hard" from 2006 which comes over House Of Love's "Endless" riddim and the lighthearted "Pretty Woman". Halfway disc one, and we've already been treated to some excellent musical efforts... and it doesn't stop.

Lutan Fyah's combination with Midnite's Vaughn Benjamin, "No Matter What The Crisis" (aka "Keep Holding On") over Al.Ta.Fa.An's "Senior" riddim, is another standout tune. The next combination, now featuring peers Natural Black and Turbulence, is the wonderful, almost accapella sung "Move Out", which is underpinned by the stringy riddim that was earlier used for Midnite's "Dew" on their Lustre Kings produced "Infinite Quality" album. It's not a song that instantly grabs you, but you're surely gonna appreciate that one the more you hear it. "A Dat Mi See" is a matching cut, while the title track across Sly & Robbie's "Baltimore" riddim is simply a superb effort... without doubt one of the best cuts ever recorded for this classic backdrop. "Mightier Than Them" comes across Danger Zone's "Jam Down" riddim and is another highlight to be found on disc one. The lovers tune "Slowly But Surely" and the anti-violence piece "Gun Ting", a surprisingly good working combination with Inner Circle, round off in fine style.

"Season Of Love" aka "Four Seasons", a very nice love song across the Kevin 'Iceberg' Blake produced "Essence" riddim, the moving "Too Much Suffering Kids", and the beautiful "Is This The Way" on the "Cruising Altitude" riddim kick off disc two in a very satisfying way. The nice vibes keep on flowing with "Be Real" over Deeboz Muzik's "A Little Bit More" riddim. The awesome "Outa Line" across Sly & Robbie's "Tune In" riddim features a stripped down intro and blasts a wicked horn line which is reminiscent of Tubby's "Dub Organiser". "Dem Still A Search" is a solid effort, followed by the huge "Trodding Alone" over Itation Records' "Show Love" riddim. The nice combination with Chezidek, "Rising", precedes the sleeper hit "She's Got Soul". Black Shine's "Weed Seed" riddim is utilized for the great "Up In Your Face", which is followed by a solid uplifting piece, the slow-paced "It's All On You". Next drops "Watch Over Me", without doubt one of the most outstanding tunes featured on disc two. Awesome! "I Love Everything About You", done in combination with an uncredited songstress, is an entertaining lovers piece across a great riddim track. After the decent "Red Alert" it's the Jam2 produced "Set The Children Free", a wonderful message tune, that ends this album in an appropriate way.

With this excellent double cd -- in our opinion his best to date -- the former midfield football player has managed to become topscorer of the reggae league. Ignore at your peril!