Africa Shall Stretch Forth Her Hand
The Mighty Three's
March 14, 2004

Track list
  1. Rasta Business
  2. Sinking In The Mist
  3. Backyard Movement
  4. Good Thing Going On
  5. Nearer To Africa
  6. One Black People
  7. Donít Say You Donít Love
  8. Sata (Version 1)
  9. Sata (Version 2)
  10. Rasta Dub Business
  11. Sinking In The Mist Dub
  12. Backyard Dub
  13. Good Dub Going On
  14. Nearer To Dub
  15. One Black Dub
  16. Donít Say You Donít Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 5
The French Makasound label emerged in 2002 with the release of Winston McAnuff's cd "Diary Of The Silent Years" and since then they have released some real good vintage cd's including The Meditations' "Guidance", Hugh Mundell's "The Blessed Youth", Delroy Williams' "I Stand Black" and the obscure, but excellent "Straight Outta Trenchtown" by Knowledge. Now they have digged deep again and brought to surface another obscure gem from the past... "Africa Shall Stretch Forth Her Hands" from a roots vocal trio called The Mighty Three's. This group was formed in the mid-70s and consisted of Carlton Gregory, Bernard Brown, and Noel "Bunny" Brown. The latter is probably the best known name as he was the founder of the Chosen Few, before he co-founded The Mighty Three's. However, it was Bernard Brown who launched the group, using The Kingstonians or The Mighty Diamonds as a model. Although the vocal trio score some hits in Jamaica - with "Backyard Movement" being their biggest - they split up after a few years because of lack of funds. The Mighty Three's left their mark with only one album, "Africa Shall Stretch Forth Her Hands", and the dub set of the same name, both originally released on April Records. For their latest release Makasound have combined the two albums "Africa Shall Stretch Forth Her Hand" and "Africa Shall Stretch Forth Her Hand In Dub", and also added "One Black People", The Mighty Three's first song that only came out as a single at the time, as well as its dub version. All tracks included on this cd are produced by Noel and Bernard Brown in 1979 and recorded at the little known Concert Studio in Kingston, Jamaica. Musicians that laid the riddims (all fresh originals and no remakes of familiar backdrops) are the totally unknown Bernard Snow, George Subraite, Merick Dyer, Clinton Rowe and the now well known singer/drummer Glen Washington. The 'rockers' style riddims are great and the 'dread'-sounding vocal harmonies of the three singers superb. Vocally and lyrically the Mighty Three's are strongly reminscent of renowned roots group such as The Meditations, Israel Vibration and The Royals, to name a few from the heydays of roots reggae. Each tune featured here has its own merit and is a gem in its own right, so we don't want to talk about standout tracks, but simply mention our personal favourites which are "Rasta Business", "Sinking In The Mist", "Backyard Movement", "Nearer To Africa" and "One Black People". It sounds like the dubs are taken from vinyl, but that doesn't matter at all as they are awesome workouts, truly a worthwhile addition to the vocal tracks.
This is a must-have cd for any reggae devotee... an essential re-issue!