After All This Time ~ The Anthology 1972-1989
B.B. Seaton
Soul Beat UK
October 20, 2007

BB Seaton Track list
Disc One - Lovers
  1. Joy In The Morning
  2. Born Free
  3. Don't Let Love Pass You By
  4. Just A Little More Time
  5. Thin Line Between Love And Hate
  6. I'm Aware Of Love
  7. No Good Girl / My Love
  8. My Jamaican Girl
  9. God Bless Our Love
  10. Can't Hide The Feeling
  11. All The Best
  12. Miss My School Days
  13. Sweet Caroline
  14. Thinking About You
  15. Lover's Quarell
  16. The Morning Sun
  17. You Should Never Do That
  18. Hard To Confess
  19. Accept My Apology
  20. You Can't Get Away
  21. Lady With The Red Dress
  22. ABC Reggae
  23. Lean On Me
  24. Gimmie Little Love
Disc Two - Roots & Culture
  1. I Feel Lost
  2. Freedom Fighters
  3. After All This Time
  4. International Race
  5. Mama's Advise
  6. One Thing Leads To Another
  7. My People Hold On
  8. Brothers Beware
  9. Forgive Them Lord
  10. Wasn't It Made For Us All
  11. Color Is Not The Answer
  12. Rainbow Love
  13. No More Tribalism
  14. Jah Help Those Who Help Themselves
  15. There's A Fire
  16. Are We Loosing
  17. Haven't I The Right
  18. I Want Justice
  19. Is Life
  20. Everybody Loves A Winner
  21. You've Got To Be Natural
  22. Where Did It Start (When Will It End)
  23. Someday I Will Be Free
  24. Hold On To Your Culture
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After all this time there's finally a very welcome and long awaited compilation set of classic works from ex Gaylad Harris Lloyd Seaton aka B.B. Seaton spanning his (solo) career between the years 1972-1989. Studio One veteran B.B. Seaton has always been equally at home with Lovers music and Roots & Culture, and thus it's a very good idea to release an Anthology set which is divided into a Lovers disc and a Roots & Culture selection.

The versatile B.B. Seaton, unquestionably a major figure in the history of Jamaican music, has greatly contributed to the development and growth of the island's music since 1959. Born September 3rd 1944 he's a rare combination of talent, a singer with a soulful voice, song writer, accomplished musician, record producer and arranger. Before relocating to England in the 1970s he was A & R at Studio One, Tip Top Records and Beverley's Records, where he auditioned artists like The Heptones, The Melodians, The Kingstonians, The Termites (Lloyd Parks), The Lyrics (Fred Locks) and introduced Jackie Mittoo to Coxsone Dodd. Furthermore he served as executive member and Vice President for the Jamaican Federation of Musicians, and also served as a member of the Prime Minister's performing Arts and festival awards committee. In 2007 he received the Martin's International Reggae & World Music (Hall of Fame/Lifetime Achievement) Award.

Together with Delano Stewart and Maurice Roberts, B.B. Seaton formed the Gaylads, whose illustrious recording career began with Ska, but blossomed in the Rocksteady era with hit after hit for Studio One, WIRL and Sonia Pottinger's High Note label. After the trio had split up both B.B. Seaton and Delano Stewart went on the achieve degrees of popularity as solo performers.

Even though "After All This Time" gathers solely solo recordings of B.B. Seaton, there's an obvious connection to the Gaylads material as it features do-overs of the group's classic hits like e.g. "Joy In The Morning", "My Jamaican Girl", "Hard To Confess", No Good Girl", "Lady With The Red Dress", "ABC Reggae", and "There's A Fire". Besides that there are also a few covers included on this compilation such as the classic Matt Monroe song "Born Free" (given a great interpretation by B.B. Seaton), Jerry Butler's "Aware Of Your Love" (also covered by the Mighty Diamonds), the Persuaders' "Thin Line Between Love & Hate", Al Green's "God Bless Our Love", Bill Withers' "Lean On Me", and Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline".

However the core of the material gathered on this set is written by B.B. Seaton himself. Although the Lovers cd includes quite some great efforts (and probably his best known songs), the most interesting part is the Roots & Culture disc as the artist's under-exposed works come to the fore. It features real roots gems like "I Feel Lost" (produced by Bunny Lee and B.B. Seaton in 1975), "Freedom Fighters", the wonderful title track "After All This Time", "No More Tribalism", "There's A Fire", "Haven't I The Right", and "Is Life".

Recommended stuff for those vintage fans who like to listen to great melodies and wonderful, soulful singing.