Adele Harley
Mafia & Fluxy Music
CD / Digital Release
November 12, 2014

Track list
  1. Smile
  2. Walk Away
  3. Dreaming
  4. You're Not Here
  5. Blue Bayou
  6. Belong To Another
  7. Hanging On
  8. Yesterday (w/Sir John Holt)
  9. Once Bitten
  10. Rose Garden
  11. Hideaway
  12. Venus
  13. Suddenly
  14. Running To You
  15. So JAH Seh
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
The UK Lovers Rock scene has been flourishing since the mid 1970's in solid stride. Year after year, enduring classics were created and never grew old. The Empresses of smooth are too numerous to mention but pioneers like Louisa Marks, Carroll Thompson, Janet Kay, Deborahe Glasgow, 15-16-17, Sandra Cross and Kofi (respect to all not mentioned here) have paved the way for many more artistes who continue in a Royal vein. ADELE HARLEY has the same caliber as these legends! Her second full length album "TIMELESS" teams her up again with Mafia & Fluxy and the results are nothing short of amazing.

Adele Harley hails from Leeds and calls the beautiful region of Yorkshire home now. She burst on the scene in 2010 with "Come Into My Life" (Mafia & Fluxy). Her debut made a splash internationally and caught the attention of producers like Barry O'Hare, Kemar McGregor and Rory (Stonelove). Kemar and Adele linked for the smashing 2012 EP "Love For Life", furthering her beautiful talents. Her songs have enjoyed ample radio rotation and she has collaborated with such legends as Lloyd Brown and Peter Spence. She has been stellar on the live circuit; with great performances with Freddie McGregor, Marcia Griffiths, Beres Hammond and Romain Virgo (to name a few). In August, she tore it up with Sanchez at the Batley Frontier.

"Timeless" is a full flavored work that features a fine roster of musicians and engineers. Leroy "Mafia" Heywood (bass, keys) and his brother Dave "Fluxy" Heywood (drums) stand predominant as they have done impeccably for years. Great guitar work from Tony "Ruff Cutt" Phillips, Barbara Naps, G Vibes and Red Eye. Horns are up with Dean Fraser, Sarah Tobias (big up!!), the late Tommy McCook and Bobby Ellis. Splendid string work from Adele and Carolyn Harley along with angelic backing vox from Adele and the legendary Pam Hall. Tracks were laid at Stingray Studios with great mixing/engineering from Carlton McLeod, Calvin Francis, Jason Sterling, Govenor Shynes and the master Gussie P. What an incredible ensemble to work with; shows the true respect that Adele has attained!

Smile is smooth! Adele possesses a voice that is instantly intoxicating and she shows flowing grace over a classic Mafia & Fluxy riddim. Mad songwriting skills also! Walk Away is a big hit and evokes memories of the best Lovers Rock of the late '70's. The versatility and flow is undeniable. Dreaming is flawless. Featuring a tight Dancehall riddim and gorgeous string arrangements by Adele; this track shows the absolute vision of this Empress. Ready to hold position on the radio dial fe real. Legendary saxman Dean Fraser adds niceness to You're Not Here. She delivers a powerful and resonating approach that has added depth from one of the industry's best guitarists Tony Phillips. Tuff track!!! Jack Radics was blown away by Adele's performance in Negril last year and nudged her to cover Linda Ronstadt's Blue Bayou. Good advice!! The depth of her voice is front and center here and does a mesmerizing take of this standard. Boomshot!! The magic continues with Belong To Another. Classic Lovers Rock feel with slight nuances of Kofi but originality all the while. So smooth, so solid!

We are treated royally with her rendition of The Beatles' Yesterday. In combination with Sir John Holt vocals (recorded by Bunny Lee in the '70's), she is triumphant all the way strong. With a generous dash of Tommy McCook and broad string arrangements by Carolyn Harley; we have a song that beckons instant rewind. Adele is one of those artistes that can take on ANY song and truly inject her own style with convincing appeal. Special dedication to Sir John Holt; your legacy remains eternally!! Once Bitten has instant radio appeal. Splendid production and riddim that really captivates the listener. Excellent guitar from Barbara Naps. Adele is a bonafide singer, songwriter and all around talent. She covers Rose Garden impeccably and this is a Ska soaked track that rocks and swings. Adele takes on Venus with verve and authority; the backing vox from Pam Hall takes it higher and higher. Ruff!! Suddenly has that signature Stingray atmosphere. Polished to perfection with constant flow. The Stingray crew has been a mainstay in the UK Reggae scene for decades and the chemistry is top ranking. Running To You is a tight track with her gorgeous voice hand in hand with the vital riddim. Bob Marley's So Jah Seh has been covered with varying degrees of success. Adele deserves a huge round of applause for her take of this classic. With the granite horn section of Tommy McCook/Bobby Ellis and the magic touch of Gussie P, the excitement and pure emotion is astounding! Words cannot describe the sheer brilliance and careful respect she exudes on this closing number! Masterclass all the way.

Adele Harley's "TIMELESS" is an example of striking the balance perfectly. The original songs are delivered with Heart and Soul and the five covers are given due respect. This is a singer whose hard work and talent is undeniable. Well known throughout Europe; this is Adele's well deserved time to be recognized globally. She's in company with the cream of the crop and the vibes don't stop. This project is two years in the making and the listener will notice the love and devotion that went into this tour-de-force. Don't hesitate on picking up this release; this is an important firmament in the continuation of Reggae's integrity. Highest recommendation!! GO DEH!!!