Ah Long Time Me Ah Dee-Jay
U Brown
Dub Vibes Production

Track list
  1. Ah Long Time Mi Ah Dee-Jay
  2. Original Ram Danz Master
  3. Just Hang On In Deh
  4. Just Hang (Dub Mix)
  5. Rootsman Dub
  6. Rootsman Dub (Dub Mix)
  7. Babylon Burning
  8. Babylon Burning (Dub Mix)
  9. Danz Pon Ah Corner
  10. Danz Pon Ah Corner (Dub Mix)
  11. Dis One For You
  12. M16 - Dangerous Machine
  13. M16 (Dub Mix)
  14. Girl Why You Behave So
  15. Jah Jah Ah Mi Guidance
  16. Jah Jah Ah Mi Guidance (Dub Mix)
  17. Herb Haffi Burn
  18. One Man Ah Mi Praise (Jah Jah)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
U Brown (born Huford Brown) began his deejaying career around 1968 at the tender age of almost thirteen, with his stage name from his love of deejay pioneer U Roy and his light skin. The very talented U Brown made his debut recordings for Winston Edwards and then recorded his first album called "Satta Dread" for renown producer Bunny "Striker" Lee, for whom he later on recorded several albums. U Brown recorded extensively and successfully during the second half of the seventies for various producers including Gussie Clarke, Jack Ruby, Yabby U, Linval Thompson, Ossie Hibbert, Carlton Patterson and his own label, Hit Sound. His recordings and live performances fully showcased that he was U Roy's most notable disciple. U Brown is a top ranking sound system deejay whose skills and talent have helped him to survive in the ever-changing reggae dancehall business.
U Brown's latest album is entitled "Ah Long Time Mi Ah Dee-Jay" and has been recorded at Conscious Sound Studios, London UK, in February 2002. Mixed by Dougie Wardrop and produced by Jah Warrior and Ras Dennis of "Dub Vibes Production" this brand new set contains nuff solid efforts delivered by an ace veteran deejay whose uplifting lyrics and fluid melody lines are still great to hear. An inspired sounding U Brown rides the typical digital UK roots riddims seemingly effortless. Next to original backdrops we're also treated to updates of familiar classic riddims such as "Real Rock" and "Full Up". The music featured on "Ah Long Time Mi Ah Dee-Jay" is thoroughly enchanting and the vibe and feel soulful and inspiring throughout. Highlights are Original Ram Danz Master, Rootsman Dub, M16 - Dangerous Machine, One Man Ah Mi Praise (Jah Jah), Herb Haffi Burn and the truly outstanding Jah Jah Ah Mi Guidance, the latter followed by a wicked Dub Mix.
Modern in quality production and incorporating different moods and styles of one of Jamaica ís finest roots veteran deejays, this album is well worth hearing!