Ain't Gonna See Us Fall
VP Records-Walboomers Music
April 15, 2006

Track list
  1. Ain't Gonna See Us Fall
  2. People Need Love
  3. Judgement Tek Dem
  4. Sad Mistake
  5. Rich And Beautiful
  6. Run Out Pon Dem
  7. Kill Yuh
  8. I'm With The Girls
  9. Hot Like Fire
  10. Going On
  11. Goodness
  12. Somewhere
  13. Knowing Each Other
  14. Stop Fighting
  15. Thanks And Praise
  16. Give Thanks And Praise feat. Thriller U
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
In the mid 90s Sizzla (born Miguel Orlando Collins on April 17, 1976 in St. Mary, Jamaica) started to gain attention from reggae connoisseurs with a handful of strong 7" singles and the Phillip "Fatis" Burrell produced debut album "Burning Up". Soon after the turban-clad chanter established his name as one of the hottest deejays in circulation with two phenomenal conscious albums, "Praise Ye Jah" (again for producer Phillip "Fatis" Burrell) and the Bobby Digital produced "Black Woman & Child", both released in 1997. To call his output in the years since then prolific would be an understatement. Over the past ten years he has released approx. 35 full length albums (not counting compilations and combinations with other artists) and countless singles.

"Ain't Gonna See Us Fall" is Sizzla's latest album release, which primarily contains material produced by Neil Amos of Free Willy Productions with additional tracks from Christopher Birch, Rohan "Snowcone" Fuller and Dwayne Chin-Quee. On this album you'll find various Jamaican singles (some lesser known outside of Jamaica) including "Run Out Pon Dem", "Sad Mistake", "Hot Like Fire" and the # 1 Jamaican radio hit "I'm With The Girls".

Album opener and title track "Ain't Gonna See Us Fall" is a solid modern roots tune (and hit in 2004) which recalls his Bobby Digital produced hit song "Thank You Mama". With this cultural piece Sizzla delivers a defiant, yet tender prayer for Jamaica's citizens. People Need Love" is a tune with a positive message, but overall it fails to make a strong impression. Next drops one of the best tracks included on this album, the dancehall fueled "Judgement Tek Dem". This powerful track keeps the listener involved till the very end and is a real joy to listen to.

Previous single "Sad Mistake" is a decent effort across the "Baba" riddim, followed by the frantic, hysterical, expletive strewn Rich & Beautiful. One of Sizzla's recent big hits, the blistering "Run Out Pon Dem", rides the ferocious dancehall beat of the Rohan "Snowcone" Fuller produced "Applause" riddim.

The snarling "Kill Yuh", an explicit threat to those who betray him, belongs to the type of tunes we can hardly appreciate due to the lack of any melodic approach, musically and vocally spoken. With "I'm With The Girls" over the "Military" riddim and the buoyant "Hot Like Fire" we're treated to two solid dancehall cuts. Free Willy's "Square Dance" riddim underpins "Going On", another tune on this album that can be qualified as a mediocre effort.

"Goodness" closes off the predominantly hardcore ragga/dancehall part of this album. From here Sizzla presents himself at his most melodic and approachable, tackling refurnished classic riddims such as the "Father Jungle Rock" riddim for the romantic "Somewhere", The Heptones' "I Hold The Handle" riddim for the wonderful love song "Knowing Each Other" and the "Hot Stock" riddim for the delightful "Stop Fighting". "Thanks And Praise" is a great tune truly worth of hearing, followed by the combination with Thriller U which rounds off this album in fine style.

"Ain't Gonna See Us Fall" can't be ranked among Sizzla's best album releases, but there's enough to enjoy to make this collection of tunes more than recommendable.