Vuelta Y Vuelta
Liquidator Music
CD / LP / Digital Release
June 8, 2015

Track list
  1. Skarmentu Handiko Andra
  2. De Cine
  3. Fiesta Del 73
  4. Mas Ruido
  5. Hijoputa Con Swing
  6. Salda Beroa
  7. Skandalo!
  8. Comida Casera
  9. Joakin Murrieta
  10. Ansiedad
  11. Vacio De Ti
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Akatz was formed in late 1992 in the coastal town of Bakio by five friends willing to fill the boredom time offering them the harsh winters of the Tropical Euskadi. From the beginning the band worked on its own repertoire as they wanted to achieve a particular sound, all in order to experience it live. Like any band of so many people (between 9 and 12 from 1995), Akatz training experiences continuous changes, being the founding pioneers set which retains the spirit of the Caribbean to which, with the passage of time and influences, have been added reflections from other latitudes and cultures (r'n'b, jazz, swing, latin, brazilů). The band has played countless concerts, performing in the most diverse places; from bars, concert halls, clubs, outdoor festivals, local festivals, and contests and have built a firm following with their energetic and catchy mix of ska, rocksteady, early reggae and latin flavored tunes. Several cd's and even a DVD have been put out as well. Their latest effort sees the band in collaboration with the renown Spanish label Liquidator Music.

The new album is called "Vuelta Y Vuelta" (meaning "Turn and Turn"), and offers 11 new songs which go from Ska to Rocksteady and Reggae, spiced with some latin and jazzy flavors as well, both vocal and instrumentals. Most tunes are uptempo, horns driven, ska songs, all self penned exquisite tunes, performed with great craftsmanship. The band performs in Spanish and Basque, so it's hard to find out what they are singing about. The sound they produce brings you back to Jamaica in the '60s and early '70s.

The album opens with the instrumental ska tune Skarmentu Handiko Andra, followed by the jazz tingled song De Cine with its vintage intro including the sounds of a scratched record... very nice! The next two tunes are both party ska tunes which will urge you to dance. Salda Beroa is a super smooth instrumental which could have been an original tune by Tommy McCook! Superb!

Skandalo! speeds it up in good ska style! It's a song of social criticism rooted in current events. The early 70s reggae style is captured brilliantly in Comida Casera, organ by Winston Wright? or maybe Jackie Mittoo? Nice effort! Boogie Woogie and jazz and ska meet in Ansiedad, a well paced mixture of styles. The closing tune Vacio De Ti reminds us of "Drum Song" and some Mexican traditional. Anyway, the song has a subtle rocksteady feel and rounds off the album in good style.

Excellent set!