Don Corleon - In The Streetz
December 11, 2007

Alaine Track list
  1. Rise In Love
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Ride feat. Tony Matterhorn
  4. Sincerely
  5. Wine
  6. (Baby You) Make Me Weak
  7. Obsessed
  8. Heavenly
  9. No Ordinary Love
  10. Speak Love
  11. Give You Love
  12. Keep Lovin' You
  13. Ya Ya (I Want It)
  14. Give You
  15. Anything
  16. Earth Cry
  17. Dreaming feat. Beenie Man
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Total votes : 32
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Recorded and mixed by Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett mainly for his own Don Corleon Records, this is his second release of a one artist album for Byron Murray & Clifford 'Mr. Vegas' Smith' In The Streetz, following Pressure's "Love And Affection" - although this album has been available as a Japan only release for several months, without "Sincerely", "Speak Love", "Give Love" and the Beenie Man combination "Dreaming", having included instead a superfluous remix of "Sacrifice (TC Movements Remix)" and "Baby Love" and "Deeper" - after two hardcore dancehall riddim releases in their "Rhythm Streetz Series" - following the release last year of "#9 ~ High Altitude & Foundation" recently with "#10 ~ Back Ache & Raging Bull after releases in this series of the most successful 2004 one drop riddim "#1 ~ Drop Leaf" produced by Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett a.k.a. Don Corleon, selector Fire Links' completely crazy yet infectious riddim, "#2 ~ Chaka Chaka", DJ Sunshine's sophomore riddim "#4 ~ Real Life", Andrew Prendergast & Josef Bogdanovich a.k.a. Black & White of Downsound Records "#3 ~ Invasion & Maroon Riddim" and the inexplicably again "#3" numbered album "No Man's An Island", produced by the in the late 70s rather popular DJ now turned producer Neville 'Jah Woosh' Beckford for his Original Music label, Don Corleon's second very successfull one-drop riddim "#5 ~ Seasons" and as #6 finally an In The Streetz production, Byron Murray's first attempt at a one drop riddim "#6 ~ Street Swing" and Wayne 'Purple Skunk' Morris' (Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett built and recorded) very successful first one drop riddims "#7 ~ Istanbul / Tropical" and Don Corleon's third successful one drop riddim "#8 ~ Heavenly".

And Don Corleon hits it again, as Donovan 'The Hitmaker' Bennett's protégé, Alaine makes her mark at album's length with this excellent debut set "Sacrifice". Alaine studied classical piano for four years and began writing songs at a very early age. Her talents as a singer and actress were recognized while she was a child and secured her roles in numerous Jamaican television programs and commercials, radio jingles, and theatrical productions. By age nine Alaine had been a Red Cross Ambassador, performed in several cabaret shows and national events, hosted a popular children's television show and landed herself a role in the movie 'Clara's Heart' starring Whoopi Goldberg. After graduating with an honors degree in Management and Psychology, Alaine moved to New York where she juggled working in an Investment Bank (JPMorgan) while pursuing her musical career. She sang hooks for Roc-A-Fella recording artist, Cam'Ron, in the songs, "Live My Life (Leave Me Alone)" from the album "Come Home With Me" and "Yeo" from "Music Inspired By Scarface". After receiving two promotions at JP Morgan, she would no longer have the time to dedicate to her music career and so she had to choose between the security of a fulltime job and the uncertainty that came with pursuing music. She took a leap of faith and chose to return to Jamaica to pursue music fulltime. Since returning to Jamaica in July of 2004 Alaine has worked with some of the island's top producers including the internationally acclaimed Sly & Robbie and Donovan 'Don Corleon' Bennett. Her music is a mixture of traditional Jamaican dancehall/reggae rhythms combined with writing and vocal arrangements that showcase her R&B/hip hop influences. Her song "No Ordinary Love" charted reggae charts from across the world and several of her tunes have been included on the biggest compilations in the reggae world in the last two years.

The excellent - I must emphasize that once more - debut "Sacrifice" is opened with "Rise In Love" over Arif 'Fresh Ear' Cooper's magnificent 'Guardian Angel'-riddim and the equally brilliant Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett produced "Sacrifice", before teaming up with a (probably very very heavy auto-tuned) singing Tony Matterhorn for the very nice "Ride" over a Daseca produced lovers-soca riddim. The great lovers tune "Sincerely" over Don Corleon's impressive 'Love Potion'-riddim is followed by Alaine showing she is (like Tami Chynn) one of the best female singers to voice a hardcore dancehallriddim with both "Wine" over Don Corleon's very infectious 'Sweat' and "(Baby You) Make Me Weak" over the syncopated strings-accent on top of a very fast paced almost soca-ish drum roll 'Smash'-riddim, a.k.a. 'Dutty Wine' which Daseca's Craig 'Serani' Marsh built for Stephen 'Supahype' Davis in 2006. For "Obsessed" Alaine rides a hip hop influenced riddim dominated by string accents produced by Don Corleon like the four tunes following it. The supersweet "Heavenly" over the 'Heavenly' for which it was the title-track, "No Ordinary Love" over the second extremely impressive one-drop-riddim from Don Corleon 'Seasons', "Speak Love" over the beautiful 'Far Away'-riddim and the first of another series of dancefloor aimed tunes "Give You Love", with Firehouse Crew's Donald Dennis teaming up with Don Corleon for the musical backing for the latter two tunes.

The Harrisingh brothers and Craig 'Serani' Marsh as Daseca take over again for the production of the mesmerizing "Keep Lovin' You" over a riddim that combines Far East influences with R&B / hip hop vibes perfectly matching Alaine's angelic delivery, followed by the hardcore dancehall tune (even including some lyrics in Spanish) "Ya Ya (I Want It)" over Don Corleon's 'Back Ache'-riddim and the Matthew 'Esco' Thompson & Craig 'Leftside' Parkes a.k.a. Young Legends produced "Give You" over their thumping bass heavy 'Dem Time Deh'-riddim. Craig 'Serani' Marsh in 2004 for Daseca combined a loose US R&B hip hop soul vibe with dark string riffs and a heavy bass resulting in the extremely impressive 'Anger Management'-riddim, grabbing you immediately, especially with Alaine dropping an absolute superb lovers tune, in this case "Anything (Only For You)" promising her lover i will do anyting / anything only for you / give my life more than twice if you want me to / i will do anything, anything only for you, only for you, for you across it, before the vibe completely chances for the acoustic guitar accompanied ballad calling out for unity and justic "Earth Cry" that is probably the softest ever Daseca production but one of the best as well aided of course by Alaine's phenomenal voice of which all registers are used in this tune that is followed by the very fine combination with Beenie Man for "Dreaming", a tune that has more than enough crossover potential to climb popcharts worldwide with a very frisky arrangement by Don Corleon. Listening to this album is an absolute must for all lovers of Don Corleon's and Daseca's one-drop, lovers and dancehall productions, but R&B and even pop listeners as well, "Sacrifice" must be heard (and bought) by every reader of this review, as it's one of the best albums to have been released in 2007.