Soul Pirate ~ European Tour 2008 Limited Edition
Forward Recordings
August 3 - 2008

Alborosie Track list
  1. Intro by David Rodigan
  2. Diversity
  3. Precious feat. Ranking Joe
  4. Kingston Town
  5. Rastafari Anthem
  6. Still Blazing
  7. Herbalist
  8. Dutty Road
  9. Police
  10. Moonshine
  11. Bad Mind
  12. Callin' feat. Michael Rose
  13. Black Woman
  14. Sound Killa
  15. Work
  16. Patricia
  17. Waan The Herb feat. Michael Rose
  18. Natural Mystic feat. Ky-Mani Marley
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Alborosie aka the 'Soul Pirate' was born in Sicily (1977) as Alberto D'Ascola. As a child he learned to play several instruments. In 1993 he formed the reggae band Reggae National Tickets. The band released several fine albums (he signed his first contract with BMG at the age of 17!) and was highly successful with their rootsy and swinging sound. However, he decided to quit the band because of too much pressure and the need for a change in his life. In 2001 he moved to Jamaica where he started to work with music mogul Jon Baker of Gee Jam productions. On his own label Forward Recordings he released several highly popular singles. In 2006 he surprised us with the single Herbalist (banned on Jamaican radio by the authorities for glorifying ganja), and in 2007 Kingston Town and Rastafari Anthem were among the most spinned tunes.

Being a skillful musician, writer, engineer and producer he is one of reggae's most talented artists. He is a fan of Motown music and likes to listen to Black Uhuru, Bob Marley, Burning Spear and The Abyssinians just to name a few. David Rodigan describes his music as 'real authentic reggae music'. He only uses real instruments with analogue amplifiers, no quantizers or computer sequencers.

This summer Alborosie & Sheng Yeng Clan are on the 'Soul Pirate Tour 2008'. The album "Soul Pirate ~ European Tour 2008 Limited Edition" contains 18 fine tunes, most of them known and loved by the roots rock reggae massive all over the world. After a spoken intro by David Rodigan, Alborosie hits you hard with his music! Diversity is a compelling prayer to King Selassie. Next comes a scorcher called Precious across the 'Promised Land' riddim. Veteran deejay Ranking Joe joins him on this one, although the 7" single labeled it as U Roy. The blazing hittunes Herbalist, Kingston Town (with its infectious 'skibbelly, dum dum, skibbelly dum dum' hook), Rastafari Anthem and Waan The Herb are here too.

Bobby Digital gives a helping production hand on the impressive tune Still Blazing. Dutty Road is a solid praising song. The popular song Police slightly reminds us of Michael Rose and his classic tune "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner", although he reworked that tune to the fullest in 2007. Michael Rose sings along Alborosie on Waan The Herb. Noel Walker's sax creates a moody atmosphere on the lovers tune Moonshine... excellent job!

Bad Mind is a track that once again shows how strong Alborosie's vocal delivery is. We still can't figure out the original riddim of this tune. Black Woman sees Alborosie in great shape, giving praises to the 'empress'. Sound Killa is a fast paced take across the 'Ganja Smuggling' riddim, with lyrical references to Tenor Saw's 'Ring the Alarm' classic. Original Jamaican ska fans should definitely check out the song Patricia! The album closes with the Bob Marley tune Natural Mystic. He does this one together with Ky-Mani Marley and Lion Man. Alborosie doesn't sing but delivers a fierce toast, while Ky-Mani sings the chorus of the song. Wicked!

With this album Alborosie brings a positive, real and conscious message to his listeners and if you like good real authentic reggae music, this one's for you.