Floyd Lloyd
Tropic Entertainment

Track list
  1. Birds
  2. Rasta Roots
  3. Foxy Foxy
  4. Dubmentation
  5. Slow Me Down
  6. I'll Be With You
  7. Make Me The Wish
  8. Sexy Cute
  9. You're For Real
  10. Love Knows
  11. In The News
  12. Compatible Friends
  13. Rocksteady Party
  14. Blessed
  15. Zydeco Suzie
  16. Eight Rivers
  17. Money Pressure
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
"Alchemy" is a fitting title for an album that blends such musical styles as easygoing, flowing reggae, rocksteady, ska, soul and pop. Ska and rocksteady veteran Floyd Lloyd Seivright is one of those few artists in music business who has not limited himself to one style, certainly not because he was always searching for the kind of style that suited him best, but because he seemingly effortless can master a wide range of musical styles, as is once again showcased on this album. During the recording of the songs for "Alchemy" Floyd Lloyd was accompanied by some of the best musicians and backing vocalists (Pam Hall, Rochelle and Novelette James) around. Nothing wrong with having names like Mikey Chung, Larry McDonald, Sky Juice, Derrick Stewart, Vin Gordon, Mikey Fletcher, Sonny Akpan and guitar virtuoso Ernest Ranglin on the list of players of instruments. And it pays as the riddim tracks are well laid and delivered with class all over. With the deliverance of such a musically waried album one can easily reach the average music lover, but on the other hand their is also the music fan who is looking for a more specific, reggae oriented sound. The latter might become somewhat disappointed with this album, which, however, doesn't imply that Floyd Lloyd has delivered a weak album. On the contrary, the album is well worth spinning for those who simply want to listen to some decent music.