Let There Be Dub
One Drop
November 14, 2010

Let There Be Dub - Aldubb Track list
  1. Let There Be Dub feat. Ras Perez
  2. Big Time
  3. On A Mission
  4. Dark Matters
  5. Ride De Riddim RMX feat. Jah Seal
  6. Mother Earth feat. Kaya T
  7. So Many Tears feat. Nuwella Love
  8. Levada
  9. History
  10. One With Life feat. Caster
  11. Prophecy feat. Jah Seal
  12. Roll With You Dub feat. Jah Seal
  13. Tommy feat. Ras Perez
  14. Oxymorons feat. Ras Perez
  15. Spiritual Warriors Dub feat. Jah Seal
  16. Four Under The Floor
  17. Dubnium
  18. Free Sensimilla Now!! feat. Al Capone JJ
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Aldubb is the resident sound engineer at Planet Earth Studios Berlin, where he records, mixes and produces his music. The most in-demand dub re-mixer in Germany, has developed his own trademark sounds, using a combination of classic vintage equipment and the latest in 21st century digital studio technology.

Since 2007, Aldubb and Jah Seal have collaborated on recording and live projects, appearing as the Digital Roots Band, and performing live dub sets with the Irieland Soundsystem, Berlin’s heavyweight reggae soundsystem, which powers the monthly Dub Herz club at Yaam and the monthly Dub-Wohnzimmer sessions at Raw Tempel.

Aldubb, in real life known as Alex Hornback is a musician all the way! He’s actually a drummer and played most of the drums on these tracks himself. He also plays all of the bass, guitar and keyboards himself. We hear a lot of familiar sounds on the CD including the Korg M1 and the Juno106.

Aldubb reminds of other artists like Dubmatix and Jah Shaka who are pretty much all 1-man-projects. Aldubbs’ biggest challenge is creating new unique sounds with his pedals. On the CD you can see already a lot of examples of the effect pedals Aldubb has in possession.

Let there be dub is a collection of songs created by Aldubb and other artists as well. The CD has 18 outstanding songs and the sound is just great! Watch dis ya one yah!