Ancient Spirit
Yo Mama-Sony Music
01 - 05 - 2000

Track list
  1. Shine On My Way
  2. Everyday Good
  3. Fear Rules
  4. You Always You
  5. Wonder (Shinin' On)
  6. Million Miles
  7. Queens
  8. Ocra & Saltfish
  9. Party
  10. Murderer
  11. Love
  12. Love
  13. Life Hard
  14. Fear Dub
  15. No Excuse
  16. Moneypulation
  17. Make We Go
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Heavily embedded in the dubbish reggae tapestries woven by Hamburg's Turtle Bay Country Club owner and producer Mathias Arfmann in most songs, "Ancient Spirit" is Patrice's debut album. He's a great sweet voiced singer, born as Patrice Bart Williams July 9th, 1979 in Cologne, Germany to a German mother and the Sierra Leonean writer-activist Gaston Bart-Williams, and now often using his grandfathers name: Babatunde. A lot of the riddims for this album are built by Mathias Arfmann at Turtle Bay Country Club, where also strings were added, with Patrice providing (acoustic) guitars. This is the case for opener "Shine On My Way" a great ballad in praise of the Almighty, followed by a typical pounding Turtle Bay bassline, for "Everyday Good" 'is good because of being alive', "Fear Rules" with a 'live- backing' from Swiss reggae band the Ganglords, the even more nu-soul/acoustic-reggae sounding Martin Wilkes co-produced love song "You Always You". The great lick over 'Sleng Teng' of "Wonder (Shinin' On)" featuring the Skatalites horn section of Lester Sterling, Cedric Brooks, Greg Glassman and Will 'Skabone' Clark is a superb conscious song, with Patrice's smooth vocals on top of the heavy riddim and the horn section. "Million Miles" is a nu-soul song, where the reggae is almost absent, but nevertheless a strong selection. "Queens" is a lovely tribute to all women, backed by the Shashamane Band (featuring Granville Thomas on drums, who lately contributed to a lot of the Brotherman productions like Luciano's album "Tell It From The Heart"), and featuring the Skatalite Horns again. "Ocra & Saltfish" is a 26 seconds skit, followed by the uptempo "Party" over a beat from and co-produced by JanEißfeldt, better known as Mathias Arfmann protegé reggae singer Jan Delay. "Murderer" is a strong soundboy tune, again backed by the Ganglords. "Love" is a great love song, followed by the reality combination "Life Hard" with German Nigerian from B.A.N.T.U. Abiodun Odukoya. "Fear Dub" is a short but very strong showcase for the strength of the riddims on this album, in this case dubbing up "Fear Rules". The acoustic "No Excuse" shows Patrice in his singer-songwriter mood, reminiscent of e.g. Finley Quaye, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley. Patrice keeps that feeling in the contrabass and vibraphone accompanied ballad "Moneypulation", before closing off a very strong album with the great Ganglords backed repatriation tune "Make We Go". For more information on Patrice visit www.patriceonline.net.