Pre-release Promo Sampler
Andrew & Wada Blood
JR Productions
February 23, 2009

Track list
  1. Bun A Rapist
  2. Hustle Till I Die
  3. Hustler For Life (La La La)
  4. It's My Time
  5. Love Triangle
  6. Money Ova Gunshot
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : -
This pre-release promo sampler showcases the talents of Andrew & Wada Blood, the sons of Junior 'One Blood' Reid, for their father's JR Productions. Containing 6 tunes (that are available in both their raw and radio-friendly edit versions) this sampler makes clear that both are even more firmly rooted in the dancehall than their father (who's never neglected the hardcore dancehall in his own tunes and productions) in a very impressive way. Up to the time riddims are combined with in your face lyrics and great hooklines.

Tackling one of the more often covered subjects in the dancehalls currently Andrew & Wada Blood warn they are ready to "Bun A Rapist" over Linton 'TJ' White's 'Beast'-riddim, followed by the two magnificent hustler tunes "Hustle Till I Die" across the 'Drum Lane'-riddim that Craig 'Serani' Marsh built for Dane 'Fire Links' Johnson's Hit Strip Records together with his fellow Daseca-members, the Harrisingh brothers, "Hustler For Life (La La La)" - that will be included on this year's Greensleeves "Ragga Ragga Ragga! 2009" - recorded for Wayne 'Unga' Thompson's Notice Productions across the 'Gallis'-riddim and the equally strong "It's My Time" i'm gonna take what's mine, a great production by Kebir 'Kabs' Bonner for his Grillaras Productions.

The funny and catchy tune about the wife and the girl on the side "Love Triangle" is across the irresistable percussive 'Wire Waist'-riddim produced by Tricia 'ZJ Sparks' Spence for her Twelve 9 Records and then this sampler closes with the pumping 'Good Life'-riddim from Liv Up Records by Oneil Coke a.k.a. Coco, Clinton Marsh a.k.a. Crumbs and Orlando Allen a.k.a. Country backing the mighty "Money Over Gunshot", once more a tune about hustling hard in the city. Hopefully a full commercial release of an album by Andrew & Wada Blood will be available soon as these tunes showcase their great potential as hardcore dancehall duo, with great reality lyrics over strong riddims that are delivered in great style, with the two voices blending into a very powerful combination.