In My Father's House
Addis Pablo
CD / 2LP / Digital Release
February 25, 2014

Track list
  1. Road To Addis
  2. Evolution feat. Earl Sixteen
  3. Evolutionary Rockers
  4. In A Di Gideon
  5. Gideon Rockers feat. Sylford Walker
  6. His Majesty
  7. Giving Thanks feat. Prince Alla
  8. Rockers Trodding Jah Road
  9. Walls Of Jericho
  10. To The Chief Musicians feat. Jah Exile
  11. Mystic
  12. Thanks And Praise feat. Chezidek
  13. Rockers International Version
  14. One Love, One Heart, One Family
  15. Rockers Version
  16. In My Father's House
  17. My Father Version
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Lead Instrument & Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
In the history of reggae music there are many examples of well known artists whose siblings have also tried to establish a successful career in music. Some of them succeeded, others didn't. One of the most recent example of a young artist who is following in his father's footsteps is Addis Pablo. Son of one of the pivotal figures in Jamaican roots music, melodica/keyboards player and producer Horace Swaby aka Augustus Pablo, he was raised by his father in a musical environment on Orange Street in Kingston JA, receiving the teachings and morals expressed by Augustus Pablo, and continued to be instilled by his mother, Karen Scott, who is and was very instrumental at the time of his father's passing.

Addis Pablo has been performing and practicing since the year 2005 and has been playing on his father's annual tribute with members of Rockers International, Earl 'Chinna' Smith & the Inna De Yard Allstars. He has been working with artists like Cali P, Chronixx, Jah 9, Kelissa and Jesse Royal, who he has recorded or dubbed with in some way. In 2010 he teamed up with Trindadian producer/selector & manager 'Ras Jammy TriniYard' and started to put in much work into producing his own 'Rockers Reggae Melodica Tracks' as well as creating a sound with Ras Jammy that signifies Suns of Dub, a new platform for promoting and pushing his music and original Rockers International releases. Addis Pablo began his releases with "For The Love Of Jah" featuring Ginjah, Norris Man and others, and "13 Months In Zion" with artists such as Kelissa, Zebulun, Cali P along with the digital single "Let I Be". However, it was with the 2013 released 10" single "Present Selassie Souljahz In Dub" that he received critical acclaim and got recognized as a much promising young reggae artist.

And now there's his full length debut album entitled "In My Father's House", which has been produced and mixed by former Not Easy At All member Marc Baronner of Bass Galore Productions for JahSolidRock. The latter has firmly established its name with the release of great albums from Chezidek ("Judgement Time" and "The Order Of Melchezedik"), Apple Gabriel ("Teach Them Right"), Earl Sixteen ("The Fittest") and Brinsley Forde ("Urban Jungle"). And with Addis Pablo's "In My Father's House" this respected Dutch label adds another gem to its catalogue.

It all starts in truly great style with the first single taken from the album, "Road To Addis", which is followed by a vocal cut (done by Earl Sixteen) and a dub version. All in all a real good idea to choose this approach for an instrumental album as it brings in some variation. The wicked "Road To Addis" has a certain 'head-nodding' element to it and without any doubt belongs to the standouts of this set. Next it's Earl Sixteen's wonderful song "Evolution" that makes a good impression. It's always a real joy to hear Earl Sixteen's voice and while this tune also lyrically is worth hearing it's even a greater joy to give "Evolution" a repeated spin. And it doesn't stop here 'cause there also "Evolutionary Rockers", a very enjoyable and gorgeous dub version that brings together "Road To Addis" and "Evolution".

And then it continues with two worthy tracks, "In A Di Gideon" and the dubbed up "Gideon Rockers" with vocal contribution from reggae veteran Sylford Walker. These efforts utilize a riddim created by Austria's House Of Riddim and known from Chezidek's "Faya Pon Dem", featured on his "The Order Of Melchezedik" album. Pure niceness!! Next are again a trio of songs on a riddim built by Ziggi Recado keyboardist Rekesh Dukaloo. Addis Pablo's melodica play shines on "His Majesty", while Prince Alla delivers the solid vocal piece "Giving Thanks". Turn up the volume for the nyahbinghi flavoured dub version "Rockers Trodding Jamaica", 'cause this is a mind-blowing track with the wicked bassline coming to full expression.

"Walls Of Jericho", underpinned by a remixed version of House of Riddim's backdrop for Chezidek's "Tumbling Down" from "The Order Of Melchezedik", is excellent and reminds of some of Augustus Pablo's best works. Great melodica play by Addis Pablo and beautiful horns by Obed Brinkman!! Also the vocal version "To The Chief Musicians", delivered by dub poet Jah Exile aka Exile di Brave, is worth hearing. These two tracks earlier appeared on 7" vinyl single. It's again Chezidek who reappears here with "Praises To Jah" from "The Order Of Melchezedik" album, which actually featured Addis Pablo's melodica play. It's renamed "Thanks And Praise" and is still worth hearing. Addis Pablo's matching take on the riddim is called "Wareika Mystic", but it's the dub version, "Rockers International" (referring to his father's record label), that is truly outstanding. "One Heart, One Love, One Family" is another track that takes us back to Chezidek's "The Order Of Melchezedik" ("One Family"), while "In My Father's House" is a rendition of the track "Search And You Will Find". Worthy versions of both tracks are included here as well.

Addis Pablo's "In My Father's House" is a great album that deserves to be part of any roots fan's collection. It's also recommended to check the In My Father's House documentary.