No Fear No Man
Anthony Que
Reggaeland Records
May 15, 2013

No Fear No Man - Anthony Que Track list
  1. Cyaa Stop Jah Bleesing
  2. Rastaman House
  3. World Keep Spinning Aroud
  4. Calm The Beast (Reggae)
  5. Goods News
  6. In This Yah Time
  7. Babywrong Donīt Know
  8. Beautiful Mather Nature
  9. Change The World
  10. Holly Ground
  11. Blowing In The Wind
  12. No Fear No Man
  13. Poor People Cry Out
  14. Calm The Beast (Acoustic)
  15. Blowing In The Wind (RMX)
  16. No Fear No Man (Acoustic)
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
"No Fear No Man" is Anthony Que's sixth studio album, following up the early 2012 released "Meditation Time" that appeared on the French label 149 Records. After having debuted in 1997 with the single "Early Morning" for Sugar Minott's Youth Promotion label, the singer with a hint of Beres Hamond's style in his vocal delivery drew quite some attention with his first album, the rootsy "A Brighter Day Is Coming", which hit the streets in 2001. With this album he showed true potential and reggae connoisseurs predicted him a bright future.

But like so many other talented reggae artists, Anthony Que still needs to take the next step in his career, namely enter the premier league of reggae music. Will it happen with the release of this "No Fear No Man" set? No, we really don't think so. Does this mean that this album is a disappointing collection of tunes? No, it certainly isn't!! In fact, "No Fear No Man" contains some of the best material Anthony Que has recorded so far. However he's in need of a huge international hit song and such a tune can't be found on this album.

From the opening bars of the inspirational "Cyaa Stop Jah Blessings", Anthony Que instantly makes clear that he's an artist whose music stands for quality, both vocally and lyrically. "Cyaa Stop Jah Blessings" is a great tune, which is followed by the matching "Rastaman House" on the recently released "High One Love" riddim. The title of this track might make you think this is a roots song, but it isn't... it's a wonderful love song. There are also other tracks featured on this album that are already known from earlier Reggaeland produced 'one riddim' sets. These include the awesome "Calm The Beast" on the "Hold Di Trinity" riddim, the great "In This Yah Time" on the "Cultura" riddim, the solid "Blowing In The Wind" on the "Reggae Reasoning" riddim, and the outstanding "Poor People Cry Out" on the "Dem Talking" riddim. None of the remaining tracks fails to make a good impression, which makes it almost impossible to point out the highlights. However those that deserve anyone's special attention are "Babywrong Don't Know", "Beautiful Mother Nature", the great titletrack "No Fear No Man", and the exceptional "Holy Ground".

This highly recommended album once again shows that Anthony Que is a criminally overlooked reggae artist, who simply deserves a place in the forefront of today's reggae scene.