Bob Andy
I-Anka / Productions Speciales
January 18, 2006

Track list
  1. Too Proud To Beg
  2. You Don't Know
  3. Patience Is The Key
  4. Life
  5. Desperate Lover
  6. Rock It Down
  7. Fire Burning
  8. Let Them Say
  9. Nyah
  10. Hell A Go Broke Loose
  11. Check It Out
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4
Initially released on the I-Anka label in 1986 ((1987 on Heartbeat/Rounder Records in North America)), the Bob Andy compilation "Retrospective" has been reissued by France based Productions Speciales. Bob Andy (born Keith Anderson) can be regarded as one of reggae's most influential songwriters, whose songs "Going Home," "Unchained," "Feeling Soul," "My Time," "The Ghetto Stays In The Mind," "Feel The Feeling," and "Fire Burning," to name a few, have become reggae standards and have been covered numerous times.

Bob Andy first attracted attention as the lead vocalist of The Paragons, which he founded with Tyrone Evans and Howard Barrett, later joined by John Holt. When he left the group in 1966 to pursue a solo career he released the smash hit "I've Got To Go Back Home", a song which has become a much-loved anthem for Jamaicans. During the early 1970s, he teamed with Marcia Griffiths to record several tunes, including the U.K. hits "Young, Gifted and Black" and "Pied Piper," as the duo Bob & Marcia. After the release of his excellent "Lots Of Love And I" album he took a five-year long sabbatical from music to concentrate on his career as an actor. In 1983 he returned with the hit single "Honey" and the chart-topping "Friends" album. The "Retrospective" set was released prior to "Freely", released on I-Anka in late 1988. In the following two decades Bob Andy continued to release singles and albums, although not on a regular basis. Besides that he performed in Europe, Japan, Jamaica, Canada and the US.

This cd collects many of Bob Andy's best-known recordings from the years 1970 - 1975. Nine of the eleven songs included here have been released as UK and/or Jamaican singles. The remaining two tracks - "Patience Is The Key" and "Too Proud To Beg" - are previously unreleased tunes which had been lost for many years. "Retrospective" is a very entertaining collection of tunes bringing the listener great samples of rocksteady, early reggae, and roots. Bob Andy's exceptional vocal and lyrical delivery, and also the musicianship of people like Robbie Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chung, Mikey Chung, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Carlton Barrett, and Robbie Lyn, are truly excellent. To hear great tunes like "You Don't Know", "Patience Is The Key", the moving "Life", the wonderful "Desperate Lover", "Fire Burning", "Nyah" and the awesome "Hell A Go Broke Loose" makes this album a treat for any listener, no matter whether he or she is an long-time reggae fan or a rookie. Highly recommended!