Bad Outta Road
Bassrunner Production / Highhat Media
August 15, 2009

Track list
  1. Intro
  2. Sweet Reggae Music feat. African China
  3. Bad Outta Road
  4. Daddy Showkey Skit
  5. Galala Music feat. Daddy Showkey
  6. Crying Out feat. Million Stylez
  7. Ego feat. Lexie Lee
  8. Hi Grade
  9. Ore feat. Ronny Trettmann
  10. Make It Work feat. Perfect
  11. Rise feat. G-Solo & Jiff
  12. Wine Combine
  13. Cutty Ranks Skit
  14. Kbosa
  15. Music feat. Mad Killah
  16. Jump And Clap feat. Emiliano
  17. Follow Me feat. African China And G-Solo
  18. Too Far feat. Emiliano
  19. Gimme Your Number feat. Emiliano
  20. We No Inna
  21. Thank You Jah feat. Bongo Chilli
  22. Sweet Reggae Music (Gbedula Edit) (Bonus Track)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Benin, Nigeria born Michael Osayande -- the man behind the pseudonym 3GGA -- is based in Vienna, Austria, where he has managed to establish his name as a reggae dancehall artist by means of an elaborate sound system, an inspirational album, collaborations with various well-known African artists and several high-quality music videos. Earlier this year he released the catchy single "Sweet Reggae Music" a combination with African C.H.I.N.A., which served as a teaser for his second full length album "Bad Outta Road", the follow up to his debut set "Galala".

"Bad Outta Road" is phat packed with tunes and furthermore features a notable amount of guest appearances with Sweden's Million Stylez and Jamaica's Perfect being the best known names on an international level. Produced by the crew of the Vienna based Highhat Studio, it's a strong party vibe that dominates this 3GGA set. Most of the tracks are underpinned by fresh jump up dancehall beats which works well on tunes such as "Rise" (done in combination with G-Solo & Jiff), "Wine Combine", "Kbosa", the combination tune "Jump And Clap" with Emiliano, and the wicked title track "Bad Outta Road". Included are also a few conscious tracks such as the combination tunes "Make It Work" (with Perfect), "Crying Out" (with Million Stylez), and "Too Far" (with Emiliano). Lyrically 3GGA's songs are sometimes too superficial and repetetive, and thus not interesting enough to keep the listener involved till the very end.

Overall this "Bad Outta Road" isn't a bad album. However, to create a truly solid collection of tunes takes more than a multi-faceted voice, guest appearances and fresh riddims.