Balance Of The Force
Regal Recording

Track list
  1. Soul Beat Runna
  2. Mind control
  3. The river (VIP)
  4. You like it like that
  5. A.C.I.D.
  6. Where it's at
  7. Secret life
  8. Still
  9. Lazarus
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : -/5 Backing : -/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
This CD is a single artist album by Boymerang, who rose to fame with the track "Still", previously featured on Grooverider's "The Prototype Years". Boymerang is not exactly one of those ravers from the start. Graham Sutton (as his real name is) started out as member of experimental rock-group Bark Psychosis, and after the band split up, he really started as a junglist for the Prototype-label.
Although clearly influenced by the dark Metalheadz style of Goldie and his Rufige Kru, Boymerang's tracks are lighter, more soulful in a way. The album title clearly indicates a balance to be found, and Boymerang finds it. "Soul Beat Runna" is melodic track, with very percussive drumbreaks, "Mind Control" shows the influence of more 'ambient' drum 'n'bass, but is stronger than most pure 'ambient' drum'n'bass tracks. "The River (VIP)" and "You Like It Like That" are showcasing Boymerang's all-round capacity, with the former spreading a more soulful vibe, and the latter a typical dark-style track. "A.C.I.D." has almost entirely been built around an easy going drumbreak, combined with only one sound effect at the time, and yet it keeps you listening intense. "Where Its At ?" and "Secret Life" are again tracks so different that it's chilling, "Where Its At ? " with its complicated drumbreak, as a contrast to "Secret Life" where the drumpattern seem almost to come from brushes, with a late night jazz melody on top of it.
Following is his first well-known track "Still", a track in the Metalheadz dark style although with a little more friendly sound, but this is typical dark drum'n'bass, in a very strong track. This album closes with "Lazarus", another fine example of Boymerang's style, he really shows his own mature mix of dark style and soul and jazz influenced drum'n'bass. If he can keep this high level like Roni Size, we will have to be aware of him as much.