Bedouin Sound Clash
Badawi feat. Honeychild
May 26, 2005

Track list
  1. Suspicions
  2. Suspicious Dub
  3. Pressurizor
  4. Big Foot
  5. Attack Of The Giant Fruit Flies
  6. FX-57 Missile
  7. Lack Of Oxygen To The Brain
  8. Lack Of Dub To The Brain
  9. Cyborg Stepper
  10. Hi Fashion Version
  11. Audio Bomb Squad
  12. Turbo Auto Drive
  13. Badawi Dub
  14. Chamber Of Dub
  15. Snake Charmer
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 3 Production : 3 Sound quality : 3 Sleeve : 3
There has been quite a buzz surrounding the re-release of this very worthy ten year old album.

Most of the music on the album features very reasonable but unremarkable UK sounding dubwise tracks -- but -- what makes this an indispensible, essential purchase is the enigmatic vocals on four of the tracks by the under recorded, under rated Honeychild.

She has a beautiful voice which, though not a conventional female roots voice, fits the mystery of this music -- perfectly. Listen to the cloudy, smoky paranoia of "Suspicion" with the drizzle of a rain storm and muted thunder rolls underlying the entire rhythm structure.

Listen to the backward tape loops of her voice on the disorienting "Lack Of Dub To The Brain" over a dense backdrop of muted, hushed spoken samples, flutes and cries -- and it's clear that this is an original contribution to the reggae music canon.

On the track "Snake Charmer" Honeychild's vocal is not as unique or impressive, sounding more like a conventional lover's rock chanteuse. Think UK lovers styles meets Ari Up's "Some Love". It is reasonable -- but ordinary in comparasion with her other intriguing and captivating vocals on this album.

Honeychild -- unquestionably --deserves her own album.

These four Honeychild tracks are, overwhelmingly, reminiscent of Rhythm and Sound music -- They feature that same "roll off" sub low bass rumble and hiss. In this case though, there is a psychedelic loneliness and melancholy in the vocals. This is eerie dubwise at its best.

Grab this while it lasts for the Honeychild tracks -- Don't wait for it to delete and then be re-issued ten years from now.

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